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Morning Mug: It Came From Beneath The Sea


…or, outer space, possibly. According to the photographer:

Came across this monster creature on the boardwalk yesterday morning [Ed. — April 13].  No one seemed to mind.

What is the matter with you people? A massive octocrustaceanoid the size of the Wonder Wheel takes up residence pro tempore on the boardwalk and “[n]o one seemed to mind?”

At least it doesn’t appear to be the one-eyed, one-horned, flying Purple People Eater.

Photo by Allan Shweky

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  1. It’s a sea creature lol. Wow wish I was there to see this you never know what comes in from our shoreline in Coney Island lol. Great picture looks like a giant crab lol. Very intresting & it’s minding it’s own business. Just went for a stroll along the boardwalk

  2. Is there a story behind this?  Who is the artist?  Was there any other coverage?  Did anyone even notice?  Is there an aerial view?  How was this done? Is it still there?

  3. I’m working on a new theory. Stay with me here. Here it is: The doody problem that was described in Monday’s open thread somehow caused the mutation shown above. I  think I’m onto something!

    (I  hope I don’t get contacted by the pscyhe ward for my theories….again…

  4. While it does look like a giant arthropod or an arachnid of some sort, its woody appearance and pointy appendages makes it look like some kind of tree root.  But, then, its symmetry, and the fact that someone must have put it there (unless it has been Photoshopped) suggests an objet d’art, and, because we’re all talking about it, a damn good one.  There’s gotta be a lot more to this story.  Perhaps the Parks Department knows.

  5.  It dates even earlier than that Bruce. Remember those low budget atomic disaster movies of the fifties. It’s the Crab That Ate Coney Island. It’s a pity Sitt wasn’t the one jogging close to it.

  6. I found crab close to aquarium wall.  Looked like it was going to or escaping from aquarium. Too big for even a 747 seagull to carry.  No photoshop.  Took pic with my Canon Point and Shoot A490 set to wide angle and got lucky.  Here’s a less dramatic view. 

  7. I still can’t figure out how this was done.  If not Photoshop, what?  Will someone please explain?

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