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Morning Mug: Hey Comptroller, Audit This!


Comptroller John Liu stopped by the Community Board 15 meeting last night (more on that later), and then swung by Roll-N-Roaster to grab a bite to eat.

Apparently, the city’s auditor-in-chief is a big fan of the “juicy” roast beef sandwich. He said it’s the best perk of coming to the area (one of his security guys hails from the hood).

We’d say it was very gracious of Liu to allow us to photograph him chowing down (and, really, we were pretty annoying about it), but I think it all fell into place when we said the fastest way to get voters in Sheepshead Bay is to be seen eating at Roll-N-Roaster.

You paying attention Brennan & Carr? Because, very soon, Liu might “audit” your roast beef.

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  1. Annoying, impossible. I try to hold that title.
    Sorry I missed the meeting, what good is getting notifications if I don’t read ’em.
    Go figure.

  2. TY, I’d like to thank my fans without whom this task would be futile.
    My family for not putting me to the curb, and my friends who keep me
    above ground.
    This title takes effort with which I go forward whole heartily. I will
    not let the public down as I strive for perfection in the art of
    Ty, one and all.

  3. See, I can be annoying. I should have thanked Faba, we enhance each
    others persona.
    Faba , you know in my heart of hearts I am truly grateful to have you
    in my life.
    If I knew I was going to honored today I would have prepared a speech
    and baked a cake.
    Mmuuah, to all the people that made this possible.
    Now I have to go pull weeds. LOL.

  4. Oh no! I spy my name and it’s in the post with 2 of my favorite things: nolastname and weeds.
    Btw imagining nolastname with her hair in bun, plaid shirt tied in the nut exposing flat sculpted belly, old daisy dukes with top button missing, flip flops expose her well pedicured toes. Her hands are covered with oversize construction gloves. She is sweaty, a single drop rolling slowly from her long neck down her chest and disappears in to plaid shirt.She is pulling weeds on her knees while seductively turns her head, smiles and says: “Faba honey would you be so kind and help me down here?”
    “I wish I could darling, but I’m only on my 8th beer and you know somebody has to enjoy the view from here.”

    Nolastname is my favorite Biter.

  5. In a perfect world. If you are on your 8th beer how many did I
    Your a sweetheart who makes my day. TY.

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