Southern Brooklyn

Morning Mug: Gone Fishin’…


A fishing boat travels through some early morning foggy conditions in the lower bay.

Photo by Kathleen Higgins

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  1. Living in Brooklyn all 73 years of my life , involved with Little League as a coach, manager, umpire, in neighborhoods like Marine Park, Gerritsen Beach I know the people will not allow the damage of the storm to bring them to their knees. Trains will run again , families will walk on the boardwalk in Coney Island, fisherman will go out on their boats on Sheepshead Bay. The situation we are now facing provides us with an opportunity to be grateful for what we have and not the things we want that are meaningless and without value. This is a time of opportunity , to know our neighbors in other Brooklyn neighborhoods. to work together for a more just America ,free from discrimination against people we consider different from us. In the 45th AD , three candidates are firmly against same sex marriage despite it being legally passed and signed by Governor Cuomo. Instead of dealing with the issues of jobs , education , creating new businesses , Mr.Gallo , Mr. Aselrod and Assemblyman Cymbrowitz offer conservative voters the carrott of being anti same sex marriage. Marriage is a lifetime committment between two committed people in love and no government , no law should ever enable one group from denying another group their human rights. that is why I am a write in candidate and fully expect to get the support of voters on November 6.

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