Southern Brooklyn

Morning Mug: Don’t Fence Me In


From our very esteemed photographer, whose brilliant photos are so personally humbling that they knock me right on my tucches:

As you posted a few days back, the marine park nature trail is once again open. After falling in love with the previous trail, I couldn’t wait until they would finally complete this project and let people enjoy a place that did not feel like Brooklyn… Either way, after getting off work this morning from a 12 hour shift, I grabbed my camera and a cup of coffee and was off to see what this new trail is all about

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also share the old Roy Rogers classic, “Don’t Fence Me In.” Not to be missed: Trigger the horse shakin’ what his mama gave him.

Photo by Yuriy Semenov

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  1. You don’t feel like you’re walking through a corn maze with the new trail. It’s only .8 miles long but it’s relaxing and quiet. Perfect for a stroll or power walking, if you feel like doing a couple of laps.

  2. Ha but the previous corn maze was still an experience. But what was then and is now, with both it takes you out of the city element and brings you to this place that feels like the Nevada desert and yet there’s some water near by.

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