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Morning Mug: Comin’ ‘Round The Bend


From the photographer:

Manhattan-bound D express approaching Bay Station, early 1976. Anyone who commuted to the City from the Bay has this image etched in his mind’s eye.

Photo by Andy Baum

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  1. The photo is dim, unclear, ambiguous —-just kidding ya man,just spoofing yesterday’s pissing contest brought live to you by Bites. Like I would know the difference between a pro photo and one the cat accidentally took.

    It’s funny, at first glance I thought it was a photo taken today…. It’s great u have this old stuff, more,more,more!!!

  2. I should keep quiet about what I like/or not.
    All mine must be awfully bad, I send ’em but they do not get posted. Wonder what the problem is. Maybe I need a more expensive camera so my lousy pics have a better chance at looking like something.

  3. I do notice in the last several months you have posted several. When Erica put out the call for pics I sent her several. She must not have seen any of my pics for several months, must be a glitch.

  4. Again I hadn’t noticed. But…. being you gave me a look see….See Erica has not posted anything of mine since March in this category. 
    Personally speaking I think it’s personal. Not professional.

  5. Correction: Erica does post your photos but is forced to use Ned’s byline so as to avoid conflict, because you requested that Erica not post your photos. Plus, you didn’t send any photos in for months.

  6. BS. I sent directly to you and requested you not to get mushy on it. I sent the same pics to  Ned. I also sent pic Aug 22 to bites which I still have the e-mail. 
    Ned’s game I don’t appreciate at all.

  7. @nolastname  — You really need to get over yourself and stop inserting negativity and combativeness into every single comment. I’m tired of it. If you have a problem with me, just grow up and get over it. Let the people whose photos are posted for the delight and enjoyment of others relish their moment in the spotlight without you calling attention to yourself in the comments. Can you do that, please?

  8. Once again-please find it it your hearts to forgive her.

    Suffering from residual effects from jumping off the Ocean Avenue Bridge 45 years ago is no laughing matter.

  9. Those are R42s built by St. Louis Car Company (for those who may not know; not necessarily you, Ron123). Only 48 are still in service; they should be outta here in about another five years max

  10. Only a handful remain. However, the cars that dominated the D for so many years – about 200 of them are still in service on the C, nearly 50 years after they were built.

    Now, whoever took this shot – I had to do a double-take when I saw how barren that platform was. Lemme guess—the M train was the regular local at the time?

  11. According to reliable data, less than 50 R-42’s  are in active service today.
    There are however many more R-32’s on the C. I believe the QB was a brighton local as well.

  12. Based on the picture I originally could not tell if it was an R-42 or R-40M But then I remembered the R-40M (Pre-GOH) had a long thin window in the end doors

  13. Without checking, I believe the M or the QJ was the Brighton local at the time. The QB and QT were discontinued with the opening of Chrystie Street and the D coming to the Brighton line according to my memory.

  14. The designation was actually retained until they switched to single letters in the early 1980s. I know because my 1979 map has both the and (M) as the Brighton LCLs, with the (D) as the Brighton EXP. When the and (M) were not running via Brighton, the (D) was the Brighton LCL. I know the and (M) ended at CI went they ran via Brighton; the (D) ended at CI during the hours that it was the Brighton LCL, but I do not know if it ended there or at Brighton during the hours that it was the Brighton EXP. At some point in the early 80s, the became the (I think it was still in a diamond and not a circle then)

  15. Apparently <qb> was read as a piece of HTML code. I meant that in the early 80s the <QB> became the and I think it was still in a diamond and not a circle then

  16. I mean became the <Q> and I think it was still in a diamond and not a circle then..stupid formatting, even <Q> was read as a piece of code

  17. Sometimes your memory can play tricks on you. I guess I was wrong about the QB. Regarding if the D went to CI as the Brighton Express, it was tried for a short time but there were too many delays with the switching at Brighton Beach.

  18.  Both the -M- and the -QB- ran local on the Brighton Line at that time. This caused chronic bottlenecks between Parkside Ave and Prospect Park stations – the track switching system couldn’t handle the volume of the three different trains. The morning commute was just…lovely. The -M- train was rerouted to the West End Line around 1980 or 81; just about the time the track-work commenced on the Manhattan Bridge.

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