More Snow As We Face A Winter Storm Watch On Tuesday


Shoveling Snow

Don’t let today’s comparatively comfy weather fool you — we’re in for more cold and more snow, so remember to check and see if you’ve got salt for your sidewalks, mittens and hats for your extremities, and that your neighbors are in good shape as well.

The city has issued a snow alert starting at 9am on Tuesday, and a winter storm watch is in effect for Tuesday afternoon through late Tuesday. Temperatures will drop starting tonight, and we’re expecting snow accumulation of between 4-7 inches. The National Weather Service says visibility may be low at times, and the blowing wind and snow may cause hazardous driving and walking conditions.

Remember to stay warm and safe with these tips from OEM, and keep your sidewalks clear — you won’t get fined, and your neighbors will appreciate it! If you’d like to make some cash, Sanitation does hire snow laborers to clear public areas, just call 311 to learn how to get involved.

And if you’re looking for a way to warm up, we’ve got some great hot chocolate in the area.

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