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More ‘Mobi’ Mats Coming To Coney Island This Summer

(Photo: NYC Parks)
(Photo: NYC Parks)

The parks department will be adding additional beach mats in Coney Island this summer in order to provide greater accessibility for seniors and the disabled, City Councilman Mark Treyger announced.

“One of our community’s greatest natural features is our beautiful beach, and our elderly and disabled residents deserve to enjoy the bounties of Southern Brooklyn just as much as other residents do,” Treyger said in a press release.

The new “Mobi” mats placed at West 32nd Street and West 29th Street will stretch 200 feet from the boardwalk to the water — and will be in addition to mats placed at West 5th Street and Brighton 6th Street. The mats will be rolled out on May 30th, according to Treyger’s office.

Brighton Beach, which has a large senior population, was one of the first neighborhoods to receive the new mats when the city introduced them in 2007.

Treyger and City Councilman Chaim Deutsch teamed up in 2014 to bring additional mats to the waterfront — and got them set up at West 33rd Street, West 5th Street and Brighton 6th Street.

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