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Mob Daughter Endorses Trump: ‘Maybe He’ll Pardon My Dad’

Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

This Mob Wife wants Trump to make America great again — for her jailbird dad.

Karen Gravano — whose father Sammy “Sammy the Bull” Gravano escaped 19 murder charges by helping the FBI take down numerous local gangsters including Gambino crime boss John Gotti — said she hopes her father’s buddy, presidential candidate Donald Trump, will win the 2016 election.

The New York Daily News reports:

Karen Gravano, talking about the GOP front-runner’s alleged ties to organized crime, said Tuesday her father would be happy to see Trump call 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. home.

“All I can say is maybe he can give his old friend Sammy a f—in’ pardon,” the VH1 “Mob Wives” star told the Daily News.

Despite his cooperation with authorities, the former Gambino under boss, now 70, is serving out a 20-year sentence for running an ecstasy smuggling ring while in the government’s Witness Protection Program.

The outlet cites Wayne Barrett’s “Trump: The Deals and the Downfall” for evidence of Trump’s dealings with the Brooklyn mafia, which effectively controlled the construction business in New York City during the 1970s and 1980s.

In a statement to the Daily News, the Republican presidential candidate denied having met the Bensonhurst mobster, and accused Barrett of having a personal vendetta against him.

“I don’t know Sammy Gravano and to my knowledge I have never met him,” Trump said.

Karen maintains that it was impossible to work in construction in New York without interacting regularly with folks like her father.

“Listen, at the end of the day, he was in construction in New York and the mob ran construction,” Gravano responded, according the outlet. “I’m sure at a certain point and time he had to have some sort of interactions with people who were in that lifestyle.”

Trump’s adversaries, including GOP candidate Ted Cruz, are already jumping on Trump’s alleged mafia connection.

“There have been multiple media reports about Donald’s business dealings with the mob,” Cruz said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last month. “Maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported.”

Karen ruffled feathers in 2012 when she published a book called “Mob Daughter” about her father’s life as a hitman for Gotti, and nine families of Gravano’s victims cried foul, saying she should not profit from her father’s crimes.

Despite her appearance on VH1’s Mob Wives, Karen’s status as a “baby rat”  — or offspring of a mob informant — allegedly got her banned from co-star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola’s Dyker Heights funeral last month.

Karen’s father can be seen hinting at a relationship with Trump in this Diane Sawyer interview (skip to 26:25):

“I literally controlled Manhattan. When I see it at night — those lights and everything about it — I think of Donald Trump and Tishman and everybody else who couldn’t build a building if I didn’t want them to build it. That got me off. Plus, I made a lot of money with it,” he told Sawyer.

Pardoned or not, Sammy is expected to be released from prison in 2019.

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  1. Rachel, may i take this opportunity to question your journalistic credibility.

    We all know you to be a liberal due to your previous posts, we all know that NYDN is let’s say a liberal rag (i don’t want to use the term newspaper) and we all know that Trump is a leading Republican candidate.

    So you make a connection between a daughter of a murderer and link him to Trump.

    BTW, didn’t Obama just a few months ago pardoned mom of a Football player who was doing long time in jail, her son happened to have been a big campaign donor as well to Obama. I am sure it was just a big coincident.

    And now on a personal note, why do you feel like you need to shove your liberalism down our throats, we get it you don’t like Trump and you want a liberal in the office. We knew it based on even before this article.

    If you are as a journalist want to expand on non Bensonhurst topic may i suggest war in Syria, deadliest war since WW2, also started by Hillary Clinton, feel free to expand on that. We all know you will not do that because that does not fit your personal agenda.

  2. Larry,

    Every news outlet – in print, online or on TV – has a political bias determined by its owners. I love how conservatives like to combine the terms “liberal” and “rag”, but think Fox News is actually a news station.

    If you read here regularly, you would have noticed that local Republicans get good and fair coverage here, including people like Marty Golden, one of the most conservative pols in the area (and, disclaimer, something of a friend of mine). Rachel did not “make a connection between a daughter of a murderer and link him to Trump.” Ms. Gravano made the connection, and Rachel reported it. It is a Bensonhurst topic because the Gravano family has been hugely influential in the neighborhood. Or, did you miss the recent stories here about Bensonhurst and the Mob, Big Ang Raiola, and Trump’s ties to Bensonhurst and Gravesend? This piece is very appropriate for this site.

    If The Bean has actually endorsed any candidate from either party for President, I must have missed it. I’ve yet to see any blatant political slant from the writers or editors, and it wouldn’t matter if I did. It is no more or less appropriate than The NY Times, NY Post, Daily News, LA Times, Washington Post or Wall Street Journal having a political slant, which all of them do – some to the right, some to the left.

  3. The title phrase used was “Another Reason Not to Vote for Donald Trump”

    That is pretty biased if you ask me. And the reason I personally took issue with the article.

    I take issue with Fox, I dislike them as well. And every other media publication out there. Print or online.

    No source of media should print “opinion” and should only print Fact. Let readers make their own decisions.

  4. I didn’t see that version of the headline. I would agree it wasn’t/isn’t appropriate to the content of the article.

    I would have to disagree that news media “should” not be printing opinions. Op-Ed pages have been standard since the earliest days of newspapers. Granted, those pages are offset from the factual news pages, and have declarative headers indicating that they are opinion, not fact. If this were an opinion piece, it should be labelled as such.

    When I was studying Journalism, before switching majors, the professors were very quick to point out any hints of bias in our articles. Then, they would always add the disclaimer, “Of course, this is in an academic setting. Once you are on staff at a paper, as long as your bias or opinion jibes with that of the paper’s owners, no one will tell you to delete it or rewrite it.”

  5. I forgot to add that there’s no reason a media outlet couldn’t say “Another Reason Not To Vote for Donald Trump”, but be supporting one of his Republican opponents. Opposing Trump does not automatically mean being in favor of a liberal or Democrat (the two not necessarily always going together).

  6. For the record, the tease was “ONE reason not to vote for Trump,” (i.e. Gravano’s hope that her dad will be pardoned), not “another reason not to vote for Trump.”

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