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Missed Connection: Sweet Distraction At The Park Slope Food Coop


Chocolate-Covered Ginger at Cloganese on Flickr
Are you a guy who was shopping at the Park Slope Food Coop earlier this week, looking forward to enjoying a bag of chocolate-covered ginger that you’d picked out, only to get home to find it wasn’t with your purchases? Seems there was a woman checking you out, in more than one way (or, perhaps, she just feels a bit bad for not getting that sweet treat into your bags).

From the Craiglist post:

To the reformed/recovering vegetarian who went through my checkout at the Park Slope Food Coop tonight: my apologies for missing the little bag of chocolate covered ginger that was left in the far corner of your basket. By the time I saw it you had already left.

I imagined you getting home, ready to dig into the one treat you’d bought (I think?) only to discover they weren’t there, and felt bad enough that even though I’m sure you’ll never see this I just wanted to say so. Anyway here’s hoping that you either live close enough to go back and get them, or else that they were an impulse buy you would have regretted anyway… Blame my distraction on your staggering revelations about potato starch. And I mean that in a good way.

Photo by Cloganese

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