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Militant Jewish Org Sending Patrols To Marine Park, Calls For Physical Violence Against Neo-Nazis

A swastika found in Gerritsen Beach last week (Source:

A militant Jewish organization announced over the weekend that it will send “security teams” to Marine Park, calling for Jewish residents witnessing anti-Semitic acts of vandalism to “smash the neo-Nazis to pieces physically.”

The Jewish Defense Organization is deploying their patrols in Marine Park, Borough Park and other areas that were recently targeted by anti-Semitic vandals. The neighborhood has been plagued by hate-related graffiti, most recently in late June when a swastika was painted on a sidewalk near a Marine Park synagogue. Last week, swastikas were found on a bulkhead in nearby Gerritsen Beach.

The full text of the announcement, also posted on their website, is below:

JDO is sending its Security Team to Marine Park, Borough Park and other Jewish areas recently painted with swastikas by neo-Nazis. JDO is calling on all Jews in those areas to also patrol. JDO made this statement “Jews if you see anyone painting swastikas on synagogues or Jews homes smash the neo-Nazis to pieces physically. JDO calls upon proud Jews to give the neo-Nazis a taste of Jewish Justice which is a good beating or worse.”

JDO also reminds Jews the neo-Nazis have a headquarters in the Marine Park and an also a second HQ near the edge of Boro Park on West St between Ave U and 4th Ave a block from Ocean Parkway. Also let us say that an attack happened in Williamsburg. The neo-Nazi skinheads have a headquarters on edge Williamsburg on Meeker Avenue. The neo-Nazis in New Jersey firebombed 8 synagogues and one Rabbis home. These neo-Nazis started with painting swastikas and ended up with bombing synagogues!

6 Million Jews Never Again!!

The JDO is one of two vigilante organizations that grew out of the Jewish Defense League, itself a militant group described by the FBI as a “right-wing terrorist group.” The group has dispatched members to neighborhoods after anti-Semitic incidents since its foundation in the early 1980s, including during the Crown Heights riots in 1991. Its leader, Mordechai Levy, was charged with attempted murder in 1989 after allegedly shooting at the leader of a rival militant Jewish organization.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League says the JDO espouses a “consistent agenda of hate, fear-mongering and intimidation.”

The NYPD’s 63rd Precinct, which serves Marine Park, could not be reached by phone for comment.

A spokesperson in the NYPD’s Office of the Deputy Inspector of Public Information did not sound concerned about the vigilante group’s presence or call for violence during a phone call with Sheepshead Bites, noting, “I have no idea who they are.”

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  1. I understand the logic behind striking back when people are physically harmed. But violence directed against graffiti artists is vigilantism of the most dangerous kind. If these people wish to detain them until the police were present it would be acceptable, but justice needs to be the province of our judicial system. If that system fails to address the problem sufficiently there are legal ways of ensuring that they will in the future. Let’s not give up on our system of justice. Rather, let our vigilance be in keeping it a potent force to protect us from wrongdoing.

  2. sounds like the latest incarnation of the Old JDL…. “jewish defense league”  the JDL was BAAAAAD news and did more harm than good IMHO

  3. This must be a joke. Where the hell can someone get away with beating a person with a spray can…no matter what they are spraying.
    This is the kind of threat that will bring on more serious crimes.
    FYI…if anyone follows their advice it would be premeditated and all parties would be guilty of assault. This is how it’s done? 
    I do not see good coming out of this threat at all.

  4. I thought we all agreed that I should dress up as Batman and be the vigilante this neighborhood needs, but not the one it deserves. These bastards better not step on Batman’s turf! 

  5. Ha!  See how clever those neo-Nazi’s are?  They’ve totally hidden their headquarters, only the JDO can find them.

    Let’s hope the JDO spends its time putting out press releases and trying to find that address.

  6. Don’t know that it does exist. It may have at one time in the early 90’s. I say that only because of the paraphernalia that was distributed around SBHS at the time.

  7.                         B’SD                                      JDO                           PO BOX 646 FDR Station NY NY 10150                                   Telephone (212)-252-3383                                                        Neo-nazis firebombed 3 Jewish cars in Brooklyn last week. painted swastikas,” kill the Jews” and KKK .At this time JDO has patrols with guns (legal), with young angry Jews many trained by JDO at Camp Jabotinsky . JDO met with the Jews who own the homes recently swastika painted on  offering them free gun training. They   want  it ! All he Jews are happy that JDO is patrolling synagogues and   Jews   homes ! near Ocean Parkway where neo-nazis firebombed synagogues in New Jersey and one Rabbis home.Neo-nazis smashed up Jews homes Marine Park as well. !CALL AND E MAIL THE LANDLORD DEMAND HE EVICT THE NEO-NAZIS  NOW !!!The landlord of the neo-nazi hq is ALBERT SARDAR HOME 2172 West St PHONE 718-373-2888 E MAIL SARAHSARDAR5@AOL.COMBrooklyn .Sardar is a  Jew ! The neo-nazi HQ is on the ground floor of Sardar’s house !! The neo-nazi pig is Allen Rouse who is a leader of the New York chapter of neo-nazi outfit called Stormfront. Stormfront has a neo-nazi website loaded with threats to try and shoot, and bomb synagogues and Jews by the  way !———————————————————————————————- ———————————————————————————————————– DAILY NEWS Newspaper Sunday Nov 20 Below Share    Jews vow to fight back as Brooklyn bias crimes spur a Jewish Power movement   Groups push combat classes and weapons trainingBY Simone Weichselbaum NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Debbie Egan-Chin/ New York Daily News Vandals torched three cars in anti-Semitic attack on Ocean Parkway and Avenue I in Midwood on Nov. 11.  The recent hate crimes against Jews across Brooklyn has ignited a movement pushing them to toughen up and learn how to fight back. Groups like the Jewish Defense Organization, based in Midwood. are promoting combat classes and weapons training for the Torah reading crowd. “We have hand-to-hand combat training in Midwood and legal gun training in Long Island ,” said JDO spokesman Jeff Klein calling the “movement…a Jewish self-defense renaissance.”Klein said the classes, held in secret locations in Midwood and on Long Island , have been around for years. Last week the JDO posted fliers on its website and email blasted members saying “WANTED JEWS WITH GUTS” “to help guard synagogues and Jewish areas from neo-Nazis-KKK terror attacks…by any means necessary!” The promotion is in response to the recent wave of hate crimes against Jews, especially the torching of three cars on Ocean Parkway last week follow by swastikas sightings near the smoldering scene and in Borough Park , Klein said. Klein claimed that 500 people have signed up for the classes since the hate crimes, but refused to allow a reporter to interview any of them or attend one of the classes. Police have not made any arrests. The JDO is organizing a rally Sunday at the Gravesend home of Allen Rouse, who last year described himself as a “white nationlist” to a local paper. The group held a rally at Rouse’s home in 2010, claiming he runs a local chapter of the white supremacist group Stormfront. Rouse refused to talk to a Daily News reporter. While neighbors on the heavily Jewish block in Gravesend said they had never seen or heard of Rouse, his landlord Joseph Sardar said Rouse is moving out next week. “He is going to move out,” Sardar told The News. “Too many people are bothering him.”                                        


  8.                                                           B’SD
          Operation Nazi Kicker
    Neo-Nazis Hq is at 2172 West st between Ave u and V.Neo-nazi Jew-Hating swine who runs it is Allen Rouse.The landlord who is Jew and refuses to evict them is Albert Albert Sardar and deamnd heevict the neo-nazis.Several weeks ago 2 neo-nazis were caught after firebombing 8 synagogues  and one Rabbis home in New Jersey.Those 2 neo-nazis started first spraypainting swatkas on synagogogues, then they graduated to breaking windows of synagogues .Those 2 neo-nazis both went to Rutgers then graduated to firebombing a Rabbi and his family insode the house and painted swatikas.The neo-nazis atttacked Jews physically the minute they paint one swastika on a synagogue or Jews home .The JDO is not  going to tolerate that .
    No one should but let us not have a double standard.Now in LI a person  samshing up  a Veterans Memorial and  caught someone smashing windows and spraypainting repeatedly “death to America”. The revolutonary anarchists also torched flag at Vet
    Memorial and locals ex veterans made a patrol to stop those who spraypainted and smashed up that Vet memrial.The Veterans said if hey catch those “America-hating flag burning spraypainters thy would hurt them if they caught them doing it again.”
    JDO agrees with that patrol by those proud American vets guarding Vet Memorial .JDO also intends to follow same way to guard synagogues from attacks.It willbe even Steven,no double standard. If patriotic Americans can guard a Vet Memorial JDO can guard a synagogue !Any Jews want patrol can call JDO Hq

  9. A Jewish extremist organization identified as terrorist organization by FBI threatening and invading a whole neighborhood because some kid was dumb enough to paint swastikas (lets face it a nazi would take pride in drawing it, instead we have some crooked swastika drawn up by a kid). I hope they get a taste of their own medicine. Oh the outcry that would follow if this was Black Panthers, KKK, Arab terrorist group or some other scum. But it’s ok since they, you know, jews.

  10. Photographer Adam Krause shot these portraits of neo-Nazis in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood.
    Greenpoint, NY – It is at once a deeply-rooted Polish neighbourhood with industrial roots where immigrants still speak in their native tongue on the streets.
    At the same time, Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighbourhood is a fast-gentrifying area of New York full of young families and working professionals who wish to live close to Manhattan.
    But the northernmost neighbourhood in Brooklyn is also home to a group of Polish neo-Nazis, who walk the streets, just like anybody else, and are fiercely proud of their beliefs.
    The full story at The Daily Mail 
    Photographer Adam Krause shot these portraits  of neo-Nazis in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint

  11.                                              B’SD
    The article was from  Daily mail newspaper re neo-nazi hq in Brooklyn.See below.

    Easy to remember!  » HomePhotosArchivesAboutContactSearch:
    Greenpoint, NY – The Neo-Nazis Of Brooklyn Published on:   February 29, 2012 11:05 AM News Source:  The Daily Mail Text Size   Email Post Print Post Comments (12) Save Article Photographer Adam Krause shot these portraits of neo-Nazis in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. Greenpoint, NY – It is at once a deeply-rooted Polish neighbourhood with industrial roots where immigrants still speak in their native tongue on the streets.At the same time, Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighbourhood is a fast-gentrifying area of New York full of young families and working professionals who wish to live close to Manhattan. But the northernmost neighbourhood in Brooklyn is also home to a group of Polish neo-Nazis, who walk the streets, just like anybody else, and are fiercely proud of their beliefs.The full story at The Daily Mail Advertisement:

    Photographer Adam Krause shot these portraits  of neo-Nazis in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint

  12. what the @)#(! ???  is being posted here???    sure wish the NEW JDL would go after the Swastika painters with cell phone cameras and pictures sent to the press and Police instead of trying to start a religious WAR.  Didnt work when they tried it in Brighton Beach so why are they trying it again?

  13. Badly written prose will probably be read by in large part by those whose feelings resonate with that of the writer. Perhaps that is the plan.

  14. JDO is sending its Security Team to Marine Park? that is some bullshit. I fell threatened now. Why the hell these tugs would be walking in my neighborhood?  Bullshit! If I’ll see them I’m calling cops
    And here we go with 6 million jews statements again..  Not only jews were targeted in WW2.

  15. They are not giving up on our system of justice, they just dont give a shit.  There is jewish police, jewish medical services, jewish laws above country laws, and on and on. I think jews want to be an autonomous republic of Brooklyn.

  16. Some orthodox Jews do. Some believe that religious law has precedence over civil law if one is a member of their group. But this cannot be allowed if religious law opposes the specifics of civil law. Certain legal remedies are not within the rights of individual citizens, nor the groups they are members of. Those who ignore these restrictions do so at their own peril, they will be held accountable for their actions.

  17.                                                                              B’H
    The local neo-nazis attacked in Marine Park 3 days ago.
    Local Jews were jumped and beaten bad by those screaming “Hitlwas Right” kill Jews.
    Boro Park around 30 Jews homes winndpws smashed and swasikas paiinted .
    8 synagogues and one Rabbis home just firebombed in New Jersey and 2 neo-nazis were
    caught .
    Charles Barron of New Black Panthers announced he is going start riots against Jews amnd whites in Marine Park.JDO stopped him from doing that last week !
    Al Qaeda islaomc Nazis announced on its website it will bomb synagogues all over New York just like they just got caught doing in Queens, the Al Qaeda men 3 months ago tired to bomb synagogues and subways .

    Hiter murdered 6 Milllin Jews defenesless .The JDO believe in the same armed self-defense with legal guns you practice and preach.Simply if the JDO any where sees Jew-Hating animals painting swastikas or tring to firebomb it like just happened in New Jersey town of Rutheford will use those guns (legal) one anyone trying to shoot up syngogue or bomb it.The same if JDO sees what just happend in Queens where Al Qaeda tried to bomb Rabbis home and synagogue .JDO will do wghatever irt takes to defnd Jews from these types of attacks, we will defend Jews by any means necessary !
    That is the same right of slef-defense all of you in the NRA or who own guns to protect your homes from a violent break in.
    Now, do not tell us you are from the “gun control ” lobby that wants to ban guns .
    If you have a gun and belive in the right of armed self-defense like you talk of amongst yourselves.Be honest and ask yourself if store owners can have a legal gun to protect themsleves against robbers who walk in the store then JDO should and will have the same rightto have a gun (legal one) in synagogues guarding them from firebombed .

  18. Why is moderator deleting my comments (and others) while letting this nut JDO post retarded made up hate messages? Remember JDO is identified as a terrorist organization by the FBI!

  19. They are making serious allegations that are based on assumptions gained from a small amount of provable information, they are suggesting courses of action that are questionable from a legal and strategical perspective. But that is not hate speech. There is one instance where possible libel has been committed. I say possible because I do not have access to information that would either prove or disprove their assertion.

    One of the things that makes this country different than so many others is that we give more latitude to expression that may offend. Our option is to challenge by fact or logic that which we believe to be in error or reflects a mindset that we find troubling. Feel free to challenge posts where you disagree with the expressed content. But do not merely attack without substance.

  20. Where exactly is this Neo Nazi HQ in Marine Park…I have lived here my whole life and never knew of this…

  21. our law states that the law of the land is the law and we must follow it and only if state or country law prohibits us from practicing Torah law do we disregard it and that does not happen often so stop making antisemitic assumptions

  22. lets see what happens when things like this happen in other communities it would make world news , but when Jews are messed with everyone just thinks its ok its normal and wants to keep it quiet .
    no way no how 
    no more silence 
    6 million wasn’t enough for these goyim they want to see us gone 

  23. I AGREE. you are an idiot. I suppose this statement is anti semantic too. Seriously? So be it then and all who agree can go burn in hell as you surly will. Cry victim to your choir – I’m sure you’ll find some sympathy there but none here among the free thinkers of a free speech nation. Fucking cry babies – what a joke.

  24. So this is an excuse to do what ever you like to whom ever you
    perceive to be against your agenda?What a joke. it would be funny if you wern’t so dangerous to the rest of us.

  25. nothing anti semantic here. Just stop making statements against free speech. You’re an ass. A complete ass.

  26. Don’t the Russian Jews use the same tactics as the Nazis?
    Will the real Jew please stand up! Please stand up!

  27. This is a year-old thread. It was over before it started, and those weren’t even Russian Jews.
    Reading is fundamental.

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