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Milestone Park: Dumping Ground For Household Trash?


We received a call from a concerned citizen pointing us to a heap of what seems to be household trash dumped in Milestone Park at 18th Avenue between 81st Street and 82nd Street.

Local reporter, Elle Spektor, visited the site and had this to say:

I’m attaching a few pictures of the mess from the park. It wasn’t as bad as I would have imagined it to be. The park itself was entirely clean, it was just the grassy area behind the benches (blocked off by the black fence you’ll see in pictures) that was covered in trash. Ironically, most of the surrounding trash cans were entirely empty. The kids park across the street was spotless, except for a few ripped up water balloons.
Take a look at the photos and let us know, have you noticed a considerable amount of trash at Milestone Park, or other local parks for that matter?
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  1. In November, 2007 I moved back to Bensonhurst after 10 years and was astonished at the level of trash strewn all over the streets. It was never like this growing up there. The problem was especially bad under the El on New Utrecht Avenue. It was amazing how bad it would get.
    I especially took note of the now common practice of people coming out of their homes early in the morning with their household trash and dumping it in the public trash cans on 18th avenue, and on some occasions, on the ground itself under the stairways of the El on 79/77 street! I promise you I witnessed this numerous times, and even got into a couple of arguments with the offenders.
    It’s more than just the park and playgrounds. The area truly does have a trash problem now that seems to be ignored by most that live here.

  2. I’ve seen people walk out of their houses with their trash and dump it in the street bin, too. I get into arguments with people about it every time, but they act as if they don’t understand me, even though I am pantomiming the unmistakable: “That? [pointing] No! No!”

  3. The trash problem here is horrible. I live one block away from this park, you can se people gambling the entire day, sometimes in the middle of an ocean of garbage; this saturday we saw a group of lonely men drinking alcohol. I can tell you: people littler everywhere, I’ve seen dirty pampers, candy trash EVERYWHERE and around the paoks A LOT of Dog Poop everyday… It’s a shame!

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  5. I can not stand litterers. Where do they learn that from? Jesus. Don’t they know it worsens living conditions??

  6. From your comment, I think we both had the same experience with the same members of our community. It’s incredible at the total disregard for public space/shared space.
    I have to ask, is this truly a cultural thing? How is this an acceptable thing to do? I also see it on the subway itself. People litter with total disregard, and then act like they don’t understand you as you are OBVIOUSLY pointing to the litter and shaking your head. Yet nothing.
    Absolutely demoralizing…

  7. The Chinese have no care in the world. They litter our streets as if they were back home in China!