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Midwood Man Slays His Mother Over Financial Feud

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Richard Cohen, 31, of Midwood stabbed his mother in the torso on Saturday evening. He then dialed 9-1-1 to report the murder.

His mother, Anne Cohen, 64, was a Bath Beach resident who recently sold her home to the tune of $800,000. She also had money from a malpractice suit involving her late husband. Police believe that the argument erupted over her financial standing in Richard’s apartment at 1220 Ocean Avenue.

Richard has a history of mental health issues and domestic violence involving his mother. He was sent to a mental hospital after threatening his mother with a knife some time ago. She has also filed several complaints against him in the past.

Anne kicked Richard out of her Bay 25th Street property because she didn’t get along with his girlfriend. Neighbors say that Richard was normally very quiet and unapproachable.

Autopsy reports reveal that Anne died of 41 stab wounds to the torso and neck.

Anne was taken to New York Community Hospital where she was pronounced dead, according to DNA Info.

Her son was charged with second-degree murder.

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