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Met Foods On Cortelyou Plans Expansion


Met Foods expansion

We’ve gotten confirmation that the Met Foods at 1610 Cortelyou Road is planning to expand into the two vacant stores on either side of it – the former Tasty Deli Grocery at 1604 Cortelyou Road and China Dragon at 1616 Cortelyou Road.

Met Foods expansion Tasty Deli Grocery

The grocery store, which has been in the neighborhood for decades, is waiting on permits to allow for the expansion.

As for China Dragon – Bo Bo Kitchen, at 1601 Cortelyou, confirmed that it would be merging with it, making them the second set of businesses to consolidate with competitors in a month. Tasty Deli Grocery left its space in order to move into the newly revamped Cortelyou Smoke Shop at 1622 Cortelyou.

Met Foods expansion China Dragon

We’ll keep you updated on what the expanded grocery store will include. What would you like to see happen with the expansion?

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  1. This is great news! I love giving Met my business. The owner is always around, and seems like a great guy. The only problem has always been it’s very small, so this solves that.

  2. been waiting to hear that this was going to happen, yay!!! bigger store will be great, but even better if they make the aisles wider…. can barely get a stroller through now!

  3. This is wonderful! Agreed on the owner, he is so big on customer interaction and a truly nice guy. Good luck to them.

  4. I mean listen, I definitely had an “expansion” of my own this winter and continue to do so. So depending how wide these aisles are, I could be continuing my butt bumping rampage for quite some time.

  5. It’s an unavoidable fact of urban life that, much of the time, you will have people in your face whom you wish were not there. It’s a big negative. I used to think other aspects of urban life made up for it. Now, I’m not so sure.

  6. Yayyyyyy!
    Met Food expansion!!!!
    First, the later hours. Now this.
    I couldn’t be more thrillled!

  7. I agree about the owner and staff at MET being great folks. I shop there often and will shop even more often with their expansion. Wider aisles would be a real plus! It would also be great if MET did not add self-checkout but hired more checkers as needed. YAY MET – keep up the great work!!

    Here are some other additions that would make my life more wonderful:

    1. Whole bean coffees with self-grinders
    2. Greater selection of gourmet sodas.
    3. More extensive frozen food aisle
    4. Greater selection of ice cream, sorbet, etc. in a variety of sizes
    5. Dedicated produce section with greater selection.
    6. Greater selection of vegan and diabetic friendly items in all aisles

  8. MET has great employees, and they all seem very happy and long-term, so I too hope they will keep hiring!

  9. Could it be? A post that has generated only positive comments? Especially a post about a business? And a business owner? How refreshing.

  10. Hooray! Please make the aisles wide enough so that strollers can fit in there! I can shop in a lot of places around here with the kids, but The Met isn’t currently one of them and it would really help if I could. There are a lot of times I have to shop elsewhere when I’d rather shop at the Met just because of the stroller.

  11. This is great news. The owner seems like a really great guy and his team is great as well. Would love to have a larger frozen food section as well as fresh fish.

  12. Yes! Definitely wider aisles as they’re almost always re-stocking and staff/boxes is blocking half of everything, more organic/natural/alternative items in every category please!

  13. It would be great if they could add a beer section, and/or a butcher section. Would also be nice to be able to move around in there, or get carts through checkout so they dont clutter up the area up front.

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