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Men Shout Slurs & Attack Interracial Couple Near Sheepshead Bay


An interracial couple was verbally and physically attacked near Sheepshead Bay on Saturday. The bigoted assailants hurled slurs before throwing punches at the boyfriend, according to a criminal complaint.

The 38-year-old woman and her boyfriend were walking on East 17th Street and Avenue R just before 6am on Saturday, July 8 when assailants Bernard Szurant, 25, and Rudolph Evmenenko, 27, began shouting hateful, racist comments, according to court documents.

“This is our neighborhood you f*****g n*****! Get out of here!…We’re going to lynch you,” they reportedly screamed before jumping the boyfriend and punching him. The victim was left with a bruised face and a contusion on his arm, said the complaint.

When the woman tried to call 911, the assailants reportedly knocked the cell phone out of her hand.

Cops arrested Szurant and Evmenenko and charged them with assault as a hate crime, menacing, criminal mischief, and harassment.

But the attackers didn’t stop there, allegedly threatening the detective from the 61st precinct, reports the Daily News.

Records show that Szurant has a criminal history that includes 23 arrests, including a 2015 arrest for choking his sister.

“Being attacked for (our races) — it’s the first time,” the victim told the Daily. “I’ve never felt any hate from people that live here.”

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  1. It is the Russians, they are the only one’s in the 61st precinct that have professional jobs that others simply do not have. The Italians, the Irish, the Latinos, the African Americans and the Asians do not have six figure income professional jobs. The aforementioned groups all have some sort of government jobs that bind them to city dwelling. The Russians cannot get those jobs, yet live here as professionals and build condominiums all over the 61st precinct. It is our local liberal politicians, who preach diversity, yet due to their skin color take bribes, letting the Russians build condos everywhere. They even keep African Americans out from getting cheap co-ops in Coney Island. Do not take my word for it census data backs it up. Look at the addresses on west 8th street for example, in a predominantly African American neighborhood, the census tracts where the Russians own property there are hardly any Blacks living there. And that folks is worse prejudice than some punks shouting racial slurs, all under the watchful eye of our esteemed local elected officials.

  2. It is the Russians. Our liberal elected officials and their liberal bosses at conservative companies allow them to do whatever they want here in South Brooklyn, especially the 61st precinct. They are the only one’s with professional jobs, which others all over the tri-state area have over them. The Irish and the Italians have VP and Director jobs all over good neighborhoods in the tri-state area. So do the Asians, Latinos, African Americans and other Caucasian ethnic minorities. While these people commute to work via LIRR, PATH and Metro North, our Russian co-workers commute via the B-train. If they want to be liberals, which is what they really are, then they should move in with their little liberal elite friends in posh Brooklyn neighborhoods and Manhattan. Plenty of professionals there right? This is the element that keeps them going, while minority groups hang out with the hipsters at Coney Island, the Russians, like some weird cult are all over Brighton Beach, with hardly anyone else there. Like I said it is bizarre to have jobs, which no other group has in the business world or the technology sphere. Other groups have government jobs or local jobs, which bind them to city dwelling. The Russian community would not be sustainable, all you would have left would be doctors and dentists and seniors on welfare and so be it. In fact, these people actually, not unlike their liberal hipster friends gentrify their own neighborhoods. Also, they keep African Americans out from the Coney Island Co-Ops. Don’t take my word for it, check out the American Community Survey’s census tract data where these Co-Ops are located. The demographics are quite startling. In a predominantly Black neighborhood, these census tracts are over 70% percent Russian.

  3. If all you pathetic racists think you are getting into to heaven, forget about it. Most go directly to an eternity in hell. Better get ready.


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