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Meet Mike Wolf: The Man Behind the President Street Tree Creature


mike wolf

Neighbor, artist, and reader Mike Wolf got in touch recently to reveal himself as the mastermind behind the late President Street tree stump. He was kind enough to provide us with some insight into its creation, his feelings on its removal, and a pretty nifty self-portrait.

Are you sad about the removal of the tree stump? Did you get to say goodbye?

I’m not too sad about it. It got some “ink” on the local blogs, and I was especially happy when I noticed that other folks in the neighborhood had taken to touching up the paint on the eyes and replacing them when they fell off. I noticed the backhoe in the street when I got home last night, but didn’t realize the stump was being removed until I saw it on your blog. The way I imagine it, the bear was collected by the city to be part of Bloomberg’s private art collection.

What inspired you to turn it into art?

It really just looked like a bear. I didn’t have to do any carving, or crowbarring or anything to adjust the stump. I just added the eyes and painted a couple of nostrils.

Any other projects you’re working on?

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been trying to keep my on-again, off-again blog┬ámore on-again. And I also volunteer helping with storytelling workshops at the Super-Hero Supply Store on Fifth Avenue.

Keep up with Mike at his off-beat blog, Clinky the Boy Robot.

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