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Meet Donald Trump’s Biggest Fan: Dyker Heights Resident & Filmmaker Angelo Bonsignore

Angelo Bonsignore (Photo by Bensonhurst Bean)
Angelo Bonsignore wears his Trump gear. (Photo by Bensonhurst Bean)

The last time we spoke to Angelo Bonsignore, he was documenting — in meticulous detail — the history of Dyker Heights’ spectacular architecture.

These days, the 37-year-old film editor and occasional character actor has a new obsession: GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Our friend Angelo is not your everyday Trump fan. In December, Bonsignore says he “accidentally” found himself at an anti-Trump protest outside The Plaza Hotel wearing his trusty “make America great again” hat, a body camera, and a sandwich board sign urging folks to learn how to shoot firearms.

“I was [in Manhattan] hoping to bump into Trump to say hello and take a picture. The Associated Press [reporter] was there and he told me to go to the Plaza, and who did I see? All the same protesters from OWS,” said Bonsignore.

Naturally, things got pretty heated:

Not one to be deterred by a few “liberal nut jobs” calling him a racist (“Fuggedabout it, I’m from Brooklyn”), Bonsignore told us he recently signed up to volunteer to make phone calls for the Republican candidate.

“I just see a winner, that’s all,” said Bonsignore.

Three things Bonsignore hopes Trump will accomplish as president? Make the United States richer, release documents related to 9/11, and defend the constitutional right to bear arms.

I met Bonsignore at Nature’s Grill in Bay Ridge Monday to chat about why he believes The Donald can “make America great again” and why you should too. Below is some audio of our conversation about Trump’s alleged Mob connections, who was really behind 9/11, and life as a Trump super-fan in New York City: