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Meet Donald Trump’s Biggest Fan: Dyker Heights Resident & Filmmaker Angelo Bonsignore

Angelo Bonsignore (Photo by Bensonhurst Bean)
Angelo Bonsignore wears his Trump gear. (Photo by Bensonhurst Bean)

The last time we spoke to Angelo Bonsignore, he was documenting — in meticulous detail — the history of Dyker Heights’ spectacular architecture.

These days, the 37-year-old film editor and occasional character actor has a new obsession: GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Our friend Angelo is not your everyday Trump fan. In December, Bonsignore says he “accidentally” found himself at an anti-Trump protest outside The Plaza Hotel wearing his trusty “make America great again” hat, a body camera, and a sandwich board sign urging folks to learn how to shoot firearms.

“I was [in Manhattan] hoping to bump into Trump to say hello and take a picture. The Associated Press [reporter] was there and he told me to go to the Plaza, and who did I see? All the same protesters from OWS,” said Bonsignore.

Naturally, things got pretty heated:

Not one to be deterred by a few “liberal nut jobs” calling him a racist (“Fuggedabout it, I’m from Brooklyn”), Bonsignore told us he recently signed up to volunteer to make phone calls for the Republican candidate.

“I just see a winner, that’s all,” said Bonsignore.

Three things Bonsignore hopes Trump will accomplish as president? Make the United States richer, release documents related to 9/11, and defend the constitutional right to bear arms.

I met Bonsignore at Nature’s Grill in Bay Ridge Monday to chat about why he believes The Donald can “make America great again” and why you should too. Below is some audio of our conversation about Trump’s alleged Mob connections, who was really behind 9/11, and life as a Trump super-fan in New York City:

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  1. AMERICA IS GREAT and Trump, who has his clothes manufactured in China, hires non Americas for his Maralago (even brings them over here for the work) and illegal Mexicans to do his construction projects and clean his hotel rooms, is what takes away the greatness from America.

  2. He did have clothing made in China your right. But where is your proof that he has illegal Mexicans working for him at his construction projects and hotels?

  3. The do nothing Republican party will dump the that bullshit insulting Trump, & will lose with Cruz, that New York hating religious creep. With 3/4 of the women in our country hating Trump & Cruz they cannot win, let alone get the nomination.. Mrs.. Clinton who has more experience in her finger then any of these lunatics have in their whole inexperienced bodies. Also 1/2 of Republican women will not vote for these anti abortion phonies. It’s legal & if don’t want to have one, fine, but you have no right to tell anyone else what to do with their bodies. You can never know what goes on in any other family’s situation. So mind your own business.

  4. Do you even know what these candidates views are? Or are you down in the rabbit’s hole of misinformation?. Dream On!

  5. He’s right. Trump talks about deporting illegal immigrants and expanding veteran’s services. But, R’s and D’s have controlled the WH roughly the same amount of time since
    1969. R’s controlled the House for 17 of those years, including all of
    George W. Bush’s administration. They controlled the Senate for 19 of
    those years, including 6 years of George H.W. Bush’s administration. If
    R’s were going to make things better for American veterans, they would
    have done so already. Trump and all the rest are just stringing our
    veterans and scared white people along, making promises they have no intention of keeping. At
    least since the ACA, our veterans can get the affordable healthcare that
    the VA has denied them. It’s the same way these candidates drum up the
    Right with promises to outlaw abortion, and never do, even when the control the government.

    While I don’t think the D’s are much better, at least they try to take action on their promises, even if they know they’ll be unsuccessful.

  6. Sean I asked a question that has nothing to do with all this. I asked Weres the proof that Trump gets illegal Mexicans to work for him.

  7. Tony, on my screen, I was replying to your “What are you talking about????” to Jeff. I was just making a point about his “do nothing Republicans” and “anti abortion phonies”. I see that he went off-topic in his reply to you. I suppose I should have replied directly to him. Sorry for any confusion.

  8. Donald duck Trump is a spoiled jerk, born with a silver spoon, like bully in the third grade who has all the best toys & gets so angry when he is criticized, he has a tantrum attacking anyone who tells him no. He has insulted so many groups in this country that most women, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Jews, Moslems, Intellectuals, Union members , Collage Graduates, Progressives, Cruz supporters, Pot Smokers & young people will not support him., He is a loudmouth who thinks that he thinks he a the center of attention, & he’s has no plans to do anything he says he can do. Because we have a congress that is fractured & has a 9 % approval rating & has done nothing in 4 years. .Besides if a few angry white males in Dyker Heights & gun nuts think he the second coming, remember that most of New York city & state is Democratic. So dream on. He is a phony lunatic & if anyone thinks that to have this maniacs hand on a nuclear button doesn’t scare the shit out of you. then you have the brain of a baboon.

  9. I’m not worried about Trump pushing the button on our nukes. I’m worried about him pushing the buttons of people in North Korea, Iran, etc. who have nukes aimed at us. The POTUS is supposed to be an administrator and a diplomat. The job requires a filter between brain and mouth. Donald Trump lacks the necessary filter(s) for the job.

  10. Here is a message to Angelo & you other supporters of the rich wasps that run this country, fascists brown shirts , I’ve seen your types in Germany, Austria, Italy,. Go beat up protesters, your always good at that, America is a great country, & if you don’t think so, why don’t Get the hell out & go back to your countries where you’ll never have the freedom we have here.And Don’t let the door hit you in your dumb ass.

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