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Meet Carl Kruger's New Challenger: Avrahom Rosenberg


Many residents were appalled when State Senator Carl Kruger’s former challenger in the Democratic Primary dropped out. They were even angrier when he turned around and endorsed Kruger.

It looked like voters would be denied a choice.

And then Avrahom Rosenberg stepped into the ring, running on the Conservative Party ticket. The young, first-time candidate has the backing of Ed Koch’s New York Uprising, a campaign to kick out the worst of the state legislators.

Rosenberg made his first appearance in Sheepshead Bay yesterday, during the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association meeting’s Candidate Night. Of all the politicians in the room, he was the only challenger present and spoke for the shortest amount of time – about three minutes. He spoke little about Kruger, instead depicting his run as an attempt to inspire more youths to be involved in politics. A glimpse of his political leanings came out when he briefly discussed the new healthcare bill and what he thought were unfair costs to be passed along to his generation. Rosenberg is from Midwood.

In a rare civic association appearance, the senator himself showed up. He spoke before Rosenberg and left immediately afterwards (In the video above, we chose to reverse the order in which they appeared). He never mentioned the elections, instead touting his flu shot program and launching into a 10-minute question-and-answer session.

Kruger discussed the KamaSutra sex shop, saying that city agencies would make sure they comply with local laws, and that resident’s efforts were best spent convincing friends and family not to visit. He also decried the MTA for cuts in bus service to the area. Regarding the Voorhies Avenue mosque, he said the government was constrained in the actions it could take because of laws protecting houses of worship. But he noted that the DOB, DEP and other agencies would ensure it is built and operated according to code.

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  1. This “challenger” should focus on running for president of his High School, and not the US Senate. He won the primary because of no opposition. I think if he gets any votes on election day, it will be because of a) his obviously Jewish name and/or b) some individual’s desire to replace Kruger with anyone else.

    Prediction: Kruger 90% of votes, this guy 5% or less.

  2. The Conservative Party does not have a primary, the “bosses” decide who they will pick for their candidate.

    Consider “b” as the most likely possibility. But as most voters are extremely apathetic here, I suspect that Kruger will win with 70%. 90% might be a bit high.

    Sad that we still have no choice in this election.

  3. So 14% will represent a hard core group that wants him out.

    A lot of people who despise Kruger will vote for him merely because he is the better of two awful choices.

  4. Since Rosenberg doesn’t have a chance at winning, everyone who despises Kruger should vote for Rosenberg if if they like Kruger better. If he wins with only 55% or 63%, that will send him a powerful message. If he wins with a large margin, he will continue business as usual.

  5. I was llistening to his comments regarding the MTA cuts. Too bad the questioner didn’t go into more specifics regarding the B4 cut he was talking about because it was obvious Kruger had absolutely no idea what was being spoken about. All he knows is that bus cuts were made and his consitutents were affected. He is not aware that the route now only operates part time to Plumb Beach.

    He spoke about tolls and all sorts of stuff because he knows nothing about the buses. Of course he didn’t mention that the State Senate voted to rob the MTA of its dedicated funding forcing the cuts in the first place. Hypocrite.

    I am trying to convince the MTA that it won’t cost them anymore (or a neglible amount) to terminate the B4 at Sheepshead Bay Station rather than Coney Island Hospital or at least move the terminal to Coney Island Avenue. They promised to look into it.

  6. I won’t ever vote Conservative, no matter what.

    I’m writing in Mike DiNapoli, Sen Golden’s opposition.

  7. One never knows how that might. everyone thinks “Oh, it’s just a protest vote”. Lots of people hate Kruger, and so, even though they voted for someone they would not like to see into office, their vote helps put this guy in.That would be even worse than Kruger, who is undoubtedly, in the immortal words of Daffy Duck “despicable”.

    There’s always a fair chance he will get indicted after election day.

  8. What was the purpose of the meeting? It was bunch of clowns (politicians) with promises. They never tried to solve real issues: Belt Pkwy, B4 bus and etc.

    Mr. Lazar was main focus in the meeting… Asked people on Ford Street what he is doing for the community. How he can work for DOB?

  9. Hi Everyone it is Avrahom Rosenberg. I know the odds are against me. But we must do away with the politician we have. The fact I am on the Conservative line is not a reason not to vote for me. As one of you said Carl will automatically win, Not true, if we are determined to go out and vote him out he will loss. Do not just vote for someone you hate because, you do not now the other guy. The comment about the high school president, was misplaced, true I am young but, why should that be a reason, why i cannot run. I have the right just as anyone of you do. The fact is i was tired and feed up that way I decided to run. So please do you best, Go out and Vote for Avrahom Rosenberg.

  10. Sadly you show a lack of understanding which, even in consideration of your age, brings in consideration your qualifications to hold office.

    Of course your political affiliation would be a concern to voters. A Conservative is just that. While we do truly despise Kruger, we can at least be sure that he has more in common with us ideologically. One who votes for a candidate whose views (or perhaps those of his backers) are in conflict with those of the voter is not exercising rational judgment. This is so regardless of any consideration relative to the moral character of the other candidate.

    I am afraid that for many of us the best we can do is to vote for a candidate we would rather not vote for. An unacceptable alternative is not a choice we can make.

  11. Obviously Kruger does not read his correspondence since I wrote numerous times to his office and faxed letters regarding cuts for X29 and B4. He just DOES NOT CARE.

  12. I am voting for Avrahom Rosenberg, anything to get that nightmare Kruger out of the office or at least show him that he does not fool all of his constituents
    I sure hope he is indicted soon
    Imagine, some washed out hag approached me in my buildings asking me for some kind of signature for support of Kruger’s something, and when I said “No” she had an audacity to ask me why and when I explained to her that he NEVER EVER responded to any of my letters or E-mails regarding X29 service being discontinued, she had a nerve to tell me how great he is.
    I wonder how much he paid her to say that

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