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Market On Cortelyou Is Becoming A Craft Beer Shangri-la


market on cortelyou
Market (1211 Cortelyou Road between Westminster and Argyle Roads) is making a transition this week from general provisions stockist to craft beer specialty destination.

“We will keep a small selection of cheese and meat, as well as our coffee, and some beer-related snacks,” the Market staff says. “However, we regret to announce that gone forever will be the hummus, baba ganoush, tomato sauce, punchim, and all the other homemade goods, as well as our specialty breads, pastas, condiments, oils, jams, and so on.

“We’ll miss these items as much as our loyal customers will. Nevertheless, we’re excited to be a haven for craft beer lovers in Ditmas Park, providing a wider selection of artisanal suds, growlers, a couple of kegs, and weekly tastings.”

Market’s staff is excited to share the sour/salty/”strange-yet-delicious” Westbrook Gose, the “great citrusy wheat beer” Bells Oberon, and other hard to find brews with the neighborhood. They thank customers for their ongoing support, and look forward to discussing with patrons everything from “if watermelon beer tastes like alcoholic Jolly Ranchers” to the best bottle to pair with dinner.

They will remain open during the transition, but will adopt new store hours: 12-9pm Monday through Thursday, 12-10pm on Fridays, 11am-10pm on Saturdays, and 11am-9pm on Sundays.

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  1. Hmm where to go to get fresh bread now? The nearby grocers don’t have actual bakeries and nine chains is far.

  2. Have to admit I’m disappointed. The Tibetan store attached to Cafe Tibet has a great beer selection, much of the same stuff Market has, but it tends to be cheaper from what I recall. The thing I liked about market was access to Mimi’s hummus on the go. Unless the Beer prices come down a bit with this transition it’s hard to see shopping there much anymore, and I live right near it….

  3. I guess this isn’t too big a hit if you can get takeout hummus and other items right next door. Their bread and other items were too expensive and they offered a limited selection.

  4. I love beer but this is really disappointing. My 2 year old has probably eaten his weight in Mimi’s hummus since we moved here, and I’m really going to miss the marinated mackerel and pickled vegetables.

  5. oh no!!! Their bread was wonderful and where am I supposed to get good lebna now? The homemade goods were the ENTIRE reason I’d go there, and I feel there is a huge beer selection available elsewhere already…

  6. yes–will miss the lebne horribly!! And the prepared goods, too. Not a beer customer myself. The bread was overpriced (you could get Bread Alone baguettes at the Coop for half the price).

  7. I hope they’ll still have excellent chalk art on the sandwich board for me and my fellow pedestrians to enjoy!

  8. Too bad. Will really miss the labne and great olive & olive oil selection, as well as discovering locally crafted foods. I love great beer, but I have to admit I’ll likely be shopping there a lot less.

  9. I saw this coming. In order to survive, a place like Market needs an atmosphere so rarefied it’s practically never found this side of the stratosphere—not even in Park Slope or on the UES.

  10. I may go into baba ganoush withdrawal. Has anyone ordered it to go from Mimi’s? What’s the cost difference?

  11. So… Market Proprietors — Will this be a high-priced, overly niche selection of beer? (Assuming this was the need for the change in the first place…) Or will this actually be a proper beer store with a decent selection and good prices and a few ‘special treats’ mixed in? A couple of the bodegas already have pretty great beer choices at good prices. I think you’d have to compete on price to win this one.

  12. This is a really bad decision. Why is selling beer not compatible with selling excellent bread and cheese…and hummus and other delectables? Don’t they, um, go together? The homemade goods at Market are unlike any others. This is a true loss for the neighborhood. Incredibly disappointing. Market brought something singular and special and unpretentious to the neighborhood. A mistake.

  13. The post does state its your more likely to find artisan suds than your common everyday brew. I suggest calling the store ‘Strange Brew’ as an homage and reminder to keep things a bit off kilter.

    Kegs won’t be a good idea as many beers have a limited freshness once tapped. Now if they mix up some great inexpensive classics with an interesting selection of the strange, it might just well work out.

  14. I have to agree with all… as a long time fan of Market (much to my wallet’s chagrin) I will miss the Bulgarian Feta, the cheeses and meats, the punchim, the zatar (OMG WHAT ABOUT THE ZATAR), the bread (such great bread), the snackies and the babka. I’ve purchased beers from Market before and never felt they needed a wider selection, especially, as others have pointed out, Asian Grocery as well as many other neighborhood shops have surprisingly good (and affordable) beer selections.

    Sad day indeed.

  15. is there a petition we can sign? agree with all others and would hate to see them lose all these customers to a poor decision.

  16. I wouldn’t mind being able to get a keg of craft beer for a party. I think I am within rolling distance 🙂

  17. The food coop has decent bread and MUCH cheaper. Yeah I imagine their beer selection will be more expensive no thanks.

  18. Roll the keg you say? Sounds like a game of drunken Donkey Kong at your party. Make sure to let it settle or it will be foamy, down to the last drop.

  19. It’s the attitude that bothers me. I love cider and they carry cider, but only imported from France and Germany. They’re thinking about getting something from Spain. Upstate NY and New England produced wonderful cider. Is there really a market for overpriced, foreign cider?

    Sorry, but there is absolutely no reason to go into the store.

  20. I would try to care, but it’s not like I could afford their food anyway, nor will I be able to afford their beer. Luckily, my old friend Ideal Market sells plenty of fine groceries and beer. And pig’s feet.

  21. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking… Oh, well. Maybe the Flatbush Co-op should use this as an occasion to spruce up their lousy cheese selection. They could sell Mimi’s hummus, too.

  22. Will be looking into selection and pricing. Though, the “bar” is set at $10 cash (including tax+deposit) for Sam Adams, Brooklyn Brewery, Peak Organic, 6-packs courtesy of the local bodegas. Heck, even Rite Aid has Sam Seasonal’s on sale basically every other week, 12 for about $16 w/tax+deposit. Hard to see them getting under both of those deals, the Co-op sure hasn’t.

  23. Agreed, the problem was that everything was overpriced for the neighborhood. How about stocking at least some cheese that are less than $22/lb. I think there is a market for a store like Market if they priced and stocked accordingly.

  24. > Will this be a high-priced, overly niche selection of beer?

    I would say yes. Competing on price is a losing game, and something that I reckon holds little interest for the proprietors, based on their array of businesses.

  25. I’m not a beer drinker, but have bought so much labne and Bulgarian feta and za’atar and amazing soups from Market. There’s no place else in the neighborhood to get that stuff, and I even knew friends from other neighborhoods who came out here to get good, homemade middle eastern food. This is a huge loss, and means I’ll hardly ever go in anymore.

  26. market was often my last stop when heading outta town to pick up local treats for friends and family. it was always my go-to when hosting, too. ::sigh::

  27. Perfect! Now I can finally drink down an Imperial Stout after I score some Stuffed Cheesy Bread from Dominos…AMIRITE??

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