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Marine Park Woman Killed After Van Slams Into Flatbush Ave. McDonald’s


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A 75-year-old woman struck and killed a Marine Park resident yesterday afternoon when she lost control of her van and slammed into a McDonald’s.

The victim, 64-year-old Phyllis Pitt of Ryder Street, was walking on Flatbush Avenue and East 48th Street when the woman behind the wheel accidentally backed up onto the curb and hit Pitt, pinning her against the wall.

The driver stayed on scene to help, according to NBC New York, but little could be done. Pitt was pronounced dead at Beth Israel Hospital.

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  1. a “75” year old Woman + a Minivan……

    City of NYC, is this ENOUGH evidence you need to Retest old people before letting them drive?

  2. This is a shame it’s so terrible the poor lady. I am sure they tried there best to save her. May she rest in peace

  3. I agree with ShadowLock.. the country really has to crack down on elderly drivers and retest them every 6 months at least. They are such a hazard on the road. Is there anything the citizens of our state/city can do? petition or something to get a law like that passed or even to be heard? this is really getting ridiculous!!!

  4. Incompetence has no age limitation. There are as many oblivious, presumptuous “younger” drivers with poor judgement as older. Mechanical failures produce accidents,  but driver’s poor judgement and lack of basic control is something that needs to be seen as more than “just an accident”, even if the driver appears to be upset afterward. Retests in cases like this should be automatic. Then again, if pedestrians wore helmets, they wouldn’t get killed when the car or truck hits them? Ask Councilman Greenfield.

  5. Don’t sound so harsh, we will be old also. Some of us sooner than others.
    The retest needed is for response time. Reflexive actions without delay. If it senility that worries you it would lay on the primary care doctor or family members to speak with the elderly party or if necessary file papers requesting a license be revoked.
    I can ask the question how many more people need to suffer from young people behind the wheel.
    I think young people kill more innocent victims than the elderly kill and for more sorry reasons.

  6. If we retest older drivers, then maybe we should raise the driving age, too.  Who is more likely to get into an accident?  This is pretty bad though, how screwy do you have to be to hit someone that hard, even jumping the curb takes a bit of effort…ugh.

  7. According to the news stories,she was not even given tests for alcohol or drugs. She killed someone and is getting away with not even a ticket.

  8. The woman who drove her van off the highway in the Bronx last month,killing her kids,was young.

  9. If you follow the frequency of these so-called ‘out of control’ auto killings, you will read the following in the media, “No charges were filed”.  No doubt the Police have no interest in investigating this deaths, under the fake delusion that auto accidents are solely ‘civil’ affairs, except when drugs or alcholohol are involved.  I read that the NYPD has very few police officer/Accident Investigators. It may take an act of the city council to obtain justice and motivate the Police.  

  10. “retest them every 6 months at least..” says MsTango34. Well, since you said retesting should be done At Least every six months, then what really is the optimum frequency in your opinion that elderly drivers be retested?  Maybe monthly or weekly retests?  Of course, I am kidding, but I wish you would think before posting such an bizarre idea. Did you know that teenage drivers have a much worse driiving record than the elderly?  Don’t take my word for it, you can look it up. By the way, who would pay for all this retesting and would you agree to have your taxes raised to hire all the retestors needed? 

  11. I reiterate. Young drivers have killed more people for more sorry reasons. There is no re-testing for stupidity. I guess when you hit “OLD” you and the people agreeing with you will voluntarily turn in your license. Yeah, right.

  12. As far as the elderly go a person can be fine one day, have a fall or even a very stressful day and end up far from fine the next day. Do you know how many meds some people are on? Young and old alike. The bottle gives numerous warnings but that is all they are “a warning”. Like that “young” guy who recently was on prescription drugs and ended up with fatalities on his mind for the rest of his life.
    So this being the case….when a Dr, writes a script for a hard drug he should ask the patient to hand him their drivers license along with any heavy machinery they might be operating.Me, I am right smack in the middle of too old and too young.  So I must be the perfect driver.

  13. Considering the way most people in New York drive, we should be retested every five years.  Perhaps, people will realize it is a priviledge to drive and not a right of adulthood.  It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, we are all capable of doing harm or damage with a 3000 pound weapon.  I hope the New York State Commissioner of Motor Vehicles gets this post.   Steve G

  14. I consider myself a better than average driver with more than the average hours on the road.
    Truth be told, if I had to take even the written test over I would probably fail without boning up first.
    I am aware of things like….if two cars get to an “Stop all ways” sign at the same time the car on the right has the right of way. 
    From experience I don’t drive like I own the road, just that I know where I am going. I use signals and stop for pedestrians/bikes if they are in the right. 
    It’s the people/drivers who seem to have no clue where they are going or their surroundings that I have no patience for. This is my downfall and I tend to get ugly about it too. LOL

  15. Confusing, misleading or missing signage for drivers who are new to any given area adds to the confusion. That is one area where the state and city could help out. Add to this disappearing lanes and lanes suddenly becoming left turn lanes at the last minute with no prior warning. Ever try to get out of these lanes when you don’t want to make a left turn and no one will let you?

  16. Please don’t confuse people with facts. Especially people who need to have an easily explainable world. So we’ll have it that old people cause accidents. It’s simple, and simple minded as well. The unfortunate thing is that simple minded  people drive cars. And the accident rate among simple minded people can’t be statistically compiled

  17. I think part of the reason people speed on highways is because the speed limits in any cases are too low. That’s right I said too low. For example the entire BQE except for the Gowanus portion and the portion to the south is 45 mph. That is absurd except maye for around curves, so people routinely ignore the limits and speed. The northern section was entirely rebuilt so that 50 or 55 is perfectly safe but the limit remains at 45. Worse yet are the 35 mph limits in work zones which every single car violates. If they were realistic at 40 or 45, perhaps drivers would obey them

    Because of these unrealistic limits in the City (they are not unrealistic in rural areas), drifts just tend to ignore them, so when the speed limit on the Bronx River Parkway drops from 50 to 40, driver doing 60 just ignore it not realizing there is a legitimate reason for the peed

  18. speed to drop at that point and the results can be disastrous. Allowing too much of a cushion is not such a great idea. Same thing with overpass heights. When you constantly lie by a foot regarding overhead clearances, truck drivers realize it and think they can fit but get stuck.

  19. Ha!  Some speed limits are very, very realistic, however.

    I remember driving on Highway 12 in Utah.

    I learned very quickly that 15 mph sign better be obeyed or all you will see will be reflective turn arrows straight ahead and then nothing for a few thousand feet down.
    If you think that’s tough, keep driving north beyond Boulder (that section is at lower altitude) and wait until 7 PM when the fog covers the road…

    Easily both the worst and the most exciting drive in my life.

  20.  The speed limits have been dropped over the years. If I recall correctly the original reasoning was fuel consumption. At that point speeds were dropped from 60 to 55MPH. Dropping it to 45 didn’t seem to have much of a practical basis, if I recall correctly fuel efficiency drops a little below 50. Safety concerns provide only a minimal rationalization, and anyone who attempted to stay within the speed limit is going to be creating a problem when most drivers are driving at 15 or more percent about the legally proscribed limit. And yes, if drivers are ignoring the standard speed restrictions they are less likely to adequately slow down when a lower speed should be required.

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