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Marine Park Native Named Leggiest Lass In NYC

Brooke Banker (Source:
Brooke Banker (Source:

The New York Post, the arbiter of all things gawk-worthy, has named Marine Park native Brooke Banker the “gal with the longest legs in NYC.”

The 26-year-old Banker is 5-foot-11-inches with 47-inch-long legs, as measured from hip to heel. She bests Anastasia Strashevskaya, who was named “Miss Longest Legs” in a Russian beauty pageant earlier this month with 42-inch-long gams, and ties with Britain’s Alexandra Robertson, the UK’s response to the Russian menace, who also had 47-inch-legs.

Proportionally, the Brooklyn native’s legs are quite a bit longer than her British counterpart’s. While Banker is 5-foot-11, Robertson is 6-foot-1. That means Banker is 66 percent legs, to Robertson’s 64 percent. Which basically means screw England and Russia. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Anyway, Banker currently works as a model, and played volleyball at Penn State. She said it’s nice to be recognized for her legs, but she’d prefers to think of the successes she’s had for being a hard worker.

“It’s not necessarily what I’d like to be known for. It’s just how I was born. I didn’t do anything special for it,” she says.

Banker, now based in Manhattan, grew up in Marine Park, Brooklyn, then moved upstate to Orange County before starting high school. Despite always being told she should model, Banker focused on sports.

“I was never the fastest, I never jumped the highest, I was never the strongest, but my height definitely helped. And I always worked hard.”

Hard enough to earn a spot on the elite national championship Penn State volleyball team — where, she says, she was sometimes dwarfed by her teammates even though her legs were longer than theirs.

“I was definitely one of the shorter girls on the team,” admits Banker, who earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations. In 2009, she moved to Los Angeles County and pursued an additional degree in aviation science with the intention of becoming an air traffic controller. Instead, she caught the modeling bug.

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