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Marine Park, Mill Basin Shooting Spree Injures Four And Leaves One Braindead

The eSavoy Lounge, where the gunman fled after a shooting. Source: Google Maps

Michael Magnan, 19, shot up a house party on Saturday at about 1:00 a.m. Then, he shot a livery cab passenger in the head while fleeing.

Magnan walked up to the scene of a house party on East 54th Street and opened fire on 10 people who were sitting on the front porch. He reportedly never said a word to the party-goers.

“I heard, ‘Pow! Pow! Pow!’ and I wondered if he’s going to murder everybody,” said party-goer Patrick Myrie, who had gone inside minutes before Magnan arrived.

Tanesha Lywood, 34, was shot in the stomach and thigh; an unidentified man was shot in the leg, and another two people had received graze wounds. None of those injuries were life-threatening.

Magnan then headed towards eSavoy Lounge at 2192 Flatbush Avenue where he brandished his gun and demanded money from the bouncers. After they refused he pistol-whipped them with his gun and ran off.

Shortly thereafter, Magnan saw a cab stopped at a traffic light at Utica Avenue and Avenue M and ran up to the driver’s window.

“My window was open, he pulls a gun and says, ‘Give me your money,’” Eric Martine, the driver, said. “I was like, ‘I ain’t got no money,’ and then he goes through my pockets with the gun pointed at me.”

Martine punched Magnan in the face in an attempt to escape the robber. As he was driving away, Magnan fired.

“He (shot) out the back window, and shot the kid in the head.”

Passenger Nikita Grebelskiy, of Queens, is now brain dead

“I should have took that gun from him,” Martine said. “I should have thought faster.”

In a last ditch attempt, Magnan headed to club 9ja Villa at 51st Street and Avenue N. After he got there, he again pistol-whipped a bouncer. Then, he fired at the ceiling.

He attempted to flee the club but the bouncers followed right behind. The bouncers also managed to flag down police officers who were at the crime scene of the cab shooting.

The cops finally caught up to Magnan, arresting him and charging him with attempted murder, police said.

Magnan has a lengthy criminal record. He’s been arrested in the past on charges of attempted murder, weapons possession, drug possession, possession of stolen property, bail jumping, and failure to pay bus fare.

UPDATE (3:09 p.m.): The Daily News reports that the alleged 19-year-old gunman, Michael Magnan, was partying at his cousin’s wedding in Woodbury, NY only an hour and 15 minutes before he reportedly shot Nikita Grebelskiy.

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  1.  omg this is horrible. I cant believe the cab driver punched the guy and drove off! I thought it was common knowledge that if theres a gun and you are in a car, you duck under the seat! I think I will be getting a weapon soon to protect me from these animals. i am disgusted.

  2. 19 years old, att murder, weapons possession, etc., etc.. Let’s see, more useless gun control laws, or start keeping these mutts in jail where they belong? Were most of his arrests as a juvie, or did he get a late start at the ripe old age of 18? Prayers to the victims, and to the driver, who thought he was doing the right thing.

  3. I hope his entire family &^#&*@^#%^()^% <— i said something bad here about his family 

    Wait a second.. "Cops have not charged Magnan in an earlier incident in which a gunman shot four people on a porch of a home on E. 54th St near Avenue O about 1:30 a.m."  

    HOW THE HELL DOES HE SHOOT 4 PEOPLE AND WALK AWAY WILLY NILLY. frack the police and frack ignorant parents.

  4. i think the NYPD should be sued for letting this maniac back on the streets. Was this kid an MK Ultra test dummy that they were training? If my white ass shot 4 people, id hope id be in jail for a long time, even if they didn’t die

  5. It’s stupid that death penalty costs more than life. Why waste food and resources on him? Execute him.

  6. You’ve watched too many movies. 9mm goes through the body of a car like hot knife through butter. It was a lucky(unlucky?) shot. Oh and good luck with getting a weapon. You as a citizen in a city with strictest gun control laws won’t be able to get shit legally  while these animals walk around with an arsenal.

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