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Marine Park Explosion Caused By Teens’ Attempt To Make Marijuana Hash

Scene of the explosion
Scene of the explosion (Source: Google Maps)

The explosion that rocked a Marine Park block yesterday was caused by two teenagers’ attempts to make marijuana hash, the Daily News reports.

The duo, a 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old high school student, were critically injured in the early morning blast and were taken to Staten Island Hospital, where they were in stable but serious condition.

The incident happened at approximately 2:30 a.m. on Marine Parkway near Quentin Road. Cops told the Daily News that the two were attempting to make marijuana hash by dousing it with butane gas and allowing it evaporate. One of the teens lit a cigarette, causing the gas vapors to ignite.

The 17-year-old girl is a student at Rachel Carson High School in Brighton Beach.

According to the paper, cops found a “large amount” of marijuana, including plants. They had filled a 30-gallon tub with pot and covered it in butane.

Criminal charges are pending.

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  1. Ned,
    Are you sure that students allow butane gas to “evacuate”… I am sure that gas stayed in. At least until the blast…

  2. typical case in neighborhood where parents are cops/firefighter/politicians…so kids can do whatever they want/please…

  3. Too bad this isn’t the 90’s, or some lawyer in this-here United States of America would be drooling at fees to be collected in a case against the creators of Breaking Bad for causing these kids to experiment in the same way Eminem caused me to hate my mother, or something. Think of the media coverage you can get?

  4. Pssst….your ignorance is showing.

    ‘Criminal Charges are pending.’ They’re not exactly getting away with it. And stupid kids do stupid things all the time from every conceivable background. Some get away with it. Some don’t.

    My dad is retired NYPD. You probably weren’t there when he made me walk up to my neighbor’s house and apologize for breaking their car window while reimbursing them for the damages.

    I don’t remember seeing you there when he marched me to a class mate’s home to apologize to him and his family when I called him some names. My father didn’t care that he had started it, only that I had let myself be brought down to his level.

    You most certainly were not there for the countless times that my parents made me accountable for all of my mistakes and bad decisions.

    Fortunately, you’re here to read about how at least one NYPD cop went out of his way to raise a child with a strong moral compass. My father is not alone. Bad cops get press, ink, and headlines. Good cops get to go through life unrecognized.

  5. Just out of curiosity, what would be the reason these kids, who were critically injured on Marine Pkwy and Quentin Road, were taken all the way to Staten Island Hospital instead of one of the local hospitals?

  6. so in conclusion, you are that stupid kid who did countless stupid things in your early stage of life. why would you make stupid decision such as breaking someone’s car window, if your dad who was a cop taught you to respect and value other people’s property? glad he took proper actions to correct your stupid mistakes i guess.

  7. “Good cops get to go
    through life unrecognized”…..I don’t get this sensation lately for cops
    doing something good without calling them heroes or some other admirable
    word. Big deal some cop bought a homeless guy a pair shoes and he got
    promoted….man I see everyday people do good things for less fortunate people
    and these people are real heroes. Whenever i get a chance I will buy someone on the street
    a nice hot cup of coffee/tea with bagel during cold days…I dont need anyone
    to praise me….Cops are arrogant and abusive most of the time….very a few
    are compassionate they will harass people with tickets just to fulfill their

  8. Interesting that here in Brooklyn we don’t have a specialized burn unit. These are the hospitals throughout the state that do [source]:

    — Jacobi Medical Center Burn Unit – 1400 Pelham Parkway South, Bronx
    — Harlem Hospital Center
    — New York-Presbyterian Hospital
    — Staten Island University Hospital
    — Westchester Medical Center – Valhalla
    — Nassau University Medical Center Burn Center – 2201 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow
    — Stony Brook University Medical Center
    — Erie County Medical Center Burn Treatment Center
    — St. Joseph’s Hospital
    — St. Joseph’s Hospital (Elmira, New York)
    — St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center (Syracuse, New York)
    — St. Joseph’s Hospital (Cheektowaga, New York)
    — Kessler Family Burn/Trauma Unit of Strong Memorial Hospital of University of Rochester School of Medicine
    — University Hospital Burn Center
    — SUNY Health Science Center Burn Unit
    — Good Samaritan Hospital Burn Program

  9. You really believe that your presumptuous, accusatory comment is an acceptable way to speak to a stranger? For real?

  10. You know what, you’re just a prejudiced person. You stereotype cops the way a racist stereotypes black people. Just as stupid and just as ignorant.

  11. I’m not the one you were responding to, however, even I can see that your attempt to be condescending failed…..

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