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“Bored” Teen Accused Of Setting Coney Island Fire Now Faces Armed Robbery Charges

2007 Surf Avenue (Source: Google Maps)

Police arrested 16-year-old Marcell Dockery yesterday, charging him with setting the fire on the 13th floor of the Coney Island apartment building at 2007 Surf Avenue that left two cops fighting for their lives.

Dockery (Source: Facebook)
Dockery (Source: Facebook)

Dockery was also charged separately yesterday in connection to the armed robbery of a 60-year-old neighbor.

The Daily News reports:

Dockery, 16, was hit with two counts of assault, one count of arson and one count of reckless endangerment, officials said.

And if either officer dies, he could face felony murder.

“He said he was bored,” a police source said. “He’s a firebug.”

Dockery, whose rap sheet includes a previous arrest for lighting a fire, started the inferno Sunday by torching a mattress in the 13th floor hallway of the NYCHA building where he lives, police said.

When the flames became too fierce, Dockery tried to stomp them out and then ran to his cousin’s pad on the same floor for help, according to cops.

They returned to the burning mattress, but the fire was burning out of control so they ran downstairs to Dockery’s 12th floor apartment and called 911 for help, the sources said.

Dockery confessed to the crime after the arrest.

Later in the day, cops tacked on robbery and grand larceny charges after a 60-year-old neighbor told police she recognized Dockery as the teen who threatened her with a razor blade and stole $10 on March 7.

The New York City Housing Authority plans to terminate Dockery’s mother’s lease as a result of her son’s actions, although she could be given a reprieve if she signs a document barring Dockery from the property for life.

The two officers critically injured in the blaze, Rosa Rodriguez, 36, and Dennis Guerra, 38, continue to fight for their lives in the hospital.

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  1. 16 year old boy.
    Already setting buildings on fire and robbing neighbors.
    In my eyes the future of the United States doesn’t seem to be very bright.
    Makes me quite sad.

  2. Not the US as a whole but the future is dim to all of the pockets of gib-me-dat strongholds in our society. These Coney Island projects is one such example.

  3. Alex, you notice something punk that when this monkey does something you sit at home and your white woman goes out to work. Go into any local pharmacy and you will see babboons and apes working with the Russian women. What comes next, they should serve the N****R as fried chicken and collard greens. Shame on you for reporting that ape,who got scholarships to all the Ivy League schools. Give that piece of Shat a lie detector if he harrassed old ladies with box cutters. Sham on you local pharmacies.

  4. His momma must be so proud. Another fine example of evolution breaking down somewhere along the way.

  5. Should they live on the street? Where they will have more incentive to rob you and less opportunity for social mobility? What costs more, subsidized housing or all of a sudden having to deal with the problems that are associated with the displacement of over 600k NY’ers currently living in subsidized housing?

    Use your head, do the math – and if you don’t want to do either, plenty of cities around the world have adopted your idea and ceased paying into subsidized housing systems. I’m going to guess that you have no idea how horrible of an economic disaster that turned out to be.

  6. Name a city like that in the US.
    And we don’t have to displace them and put them on the street, you want to live in a project on a taxpayer dime then we can relocate these projects from the prime real estate in downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, Coney Island and build it upstate where land is cheap. But in the liberal stronghold such as NYC that would be sooo raysisssss.

  7. YHBTSTLL maybe they should move in with you. I do use my head to do the math and I can not comprehend (quoting your statistics) that I have to pay to house 600K people. How about forcing them to get a job and having minimum income requirements? Am I asking for too much here too?

  8. Look at every NYC neighborhood that is majority white, the foreclosure rates are very low. On the other hand, when you look at the black neighborhoods the foreclosure rates are slightly higher than in Scarsdale or Beverly Hills. This kid was not old enough to work. The fact is, is that the whites, which is like 10% want people to suffer through these under represented minorities, and as their reward they get to have plush jobs and place of abodes. it will only get worse until we reinstitute segregation. However, until then the mortgage prices and the low foreclosure rates will have to go. Does one want to get married and live in Sheepshead Bay or in the Suburbs. Why the suburbs of course. Shame on you NYC families for putting your kids through this violence, because your mortgages are more important than your families.

  9. Why the hate for people living in housing? You know only a small majority of people who live in housing cause problems, the majority are working folks. You do need income to live in housing, you cannot live there for free, it is based off 35% of your income which needs to be at least 1k a month (which by the way is more than some people earn slaving away at minimum wage jobs here in the city). it’s very easy to say move all of the poor people to upstate NY, but then who would be slaving away at the malls you shop, preparing your meals at restaurants, cleaning your car, and all of the other things you take for granted, but don’t want to pay more for so people can have a better salary?
    Also think of all of the elderly people who live in housing, they make up a decent majority. Not everyone retires with pensions, and elderly living off of the social security benefits they earned through work, can live in housing and not starve (since they only get about $800 in cash and another $200 in SNAP). Nor do I like the tone of this being a race thing either. A huge majority of the people living in Coney island housing are Russian, and it’s becoming a lot more common here in Sheepshead Bay too. It’s not too uncommon to see a Russian grandmother living in the projects while baby sitting her grandkids. I know of a Russian women who lives in housing, collects benefits, and owns a hotel but gets away with it because she placed it in her child’s name.
    It makes me sick when I hear all of the slander about people in the projects. I grew up in them, my father was a war vet, and my mother worked hard. Both of my parents had an education only amounting to a GED because they spent their lives in group homes and people told them they had to place work before their education. Luckily because of subsidized housing I was able to get an education. This project kid graduated from Brooklyn college with honors (top 4% of my class), and is now completing a masters, while maintaining a job in the college helping other low income children. I work hard and pay my taxes, so be happy your investment at least paid off with me. Now think of how many other kids made something of themselves and are paying back into the system.

  10. Oh look, another dumba$$ blaming the victims… Mark, next time you’re out late at night and see suspicious characters nearby, please blame yourself for being out late at night and risking being attacked. And if god forbid, you’re attacked, robbed or worse please don’t complain about it since it was YOUR fault from the beginning.

  11. First of all, People who live upstate and Long Island have more money than do the people who live in most parts of the city, except for some interlopers in each neighborhood. Who are the 1% in each neighborhood. But, it is some select class of people in places like Park Slope, Tribeca and central Park, who want these minority of white folks to live with low mortgage rates. Why does Cobble Hill have a ten to twenty times lower foreclosure rate than does beverly Hills or Scarsdale. Why should people suffer these minorities upstate, it is because you the Brooklyn people want to see constant blood to get your monies worth and now you want others to suffer the same fate. when Deblasio turns NYC into Detroit, you will say let the poor move to the suburbs of Detroit. Wow, the peoplem of South Brooklyn are now mouthing off because they make $20,000 less than does the average black nurse. however, do not feed these whites of South Brooklyn, they will only spit that back in your face.

  12. So, NYC Cit why do you think it is fair for the people of South Brooklyn to have higher property values and lower foreclosure rates than the people in Long Island or Upstate New York. Do you think that White people are dumber there. No, No No, I think that these people are victims. Okay, sanity check, we want Hannity and O’rielley, Kelly, and Haaselback to move to South Brooklyn. Tell me if this makes any sense. Certainly these folks might want to see their friends and neighbors have higher property values and lower foreclosure rates than the foreclosure rates that people of South Brooklyn have. Or should Larry David move back to Sheepshead Bay. Where is it better to raise a family in a 100 crime index or a 5 crime index. Someone’s answer seems to be is our heterogenous ploy of milking money of the backs of minorities, causing them to commit crimes is not working out, it is therefore time to pass them off upstate. Causing an invariably higher crime rate there where fathers and mothers are actually trying to raise families. While Brooklyn is being run by Brian Boitano and Ellen Degeneres.

  13. Mark stfu already.
    Since you hate South Brooklyn so much don’t visit this page.
    Just f*cking go away

  14. Mark, I’m confused, are you hating whites, foreclosure rates or South Brooklyn? In any case, time to take your medicines

  15. I grew up in the projects and also lived in one as a young adult. Like yourself, I too am a Brookyln College graduate from the masters in education program. God bless you and all of the children born into low economic status. I pray they receive a proper education.

  16. People leaving garbage, furniture, mattresses and all kinds of things in the hallways, and teens hanging out in the hallways starting fires is a frequent occurrence in NYCHA public housing and that’s only half the problem.

  17. Although housing projects have problems, what this kid did is not representative of the majority people living in public housing. It is a few that makes it bad for the majority. However the majority of “these people” you refer to work and are living on their own dime of taxpayers money. Whatever taxes are taken from you is used for the free services you get. You are not paying anything for anyone except yourself.

  18. Thank you, Thank you. Oh just go to all the seniors living in Coney Island And just let me know who they are. Um Russians. 37 St and Surf Ave. 35 st between Mermaid Avenue and Surf Ave. 23 St. Between surf and boardwalk. Do you want me to continue. they have become the roach motels eliminating all the other seniors who have worked all their lives In this country. Yeah this country. Everyone came to this country and brought something with them. What did they bring. THE THREE M’S. Figure it out.

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