Western Brooklyn

Map Shows Multiple Power Outages In Gravesend And Manhattan Beach, Scattered Power Outages In Bensonhurst


The  above screen shot of a map from Con Edison’s website shows a number of power outages in Gravesend and Manhattan Beach. The map also indicates scattered power outages in Bensonhurst.

Fortunately, there have been no wide scale shutdowns of electric service, which could very well change as the night goes on and Irene, which is still categorized as a Category 1 hurricane, bears down on Southern Brooklyn.

You can access the interactive map here.

On a side note, we find it curious that on the map, Con Ed refers to Brighton Beach as Little Odessa. Maybe it’s because Russians don’t surrender?

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  1. is there any flooding in bensonhurst? i live around 81st and 18th avenue and had to come stay in manhattan for the weekend because of work… so i’m curious how things are going back at home!!!

    thanks in advance 🙂

  2. I think as long as you’re not right near the water (Bath Beach, parts of Dyker Heights), you’ll probably see no more than the norm of backed up sewers, flooded streets and basements here and there, etc. Most of Bensonhurst seems to be suffering more from scattered power outages and closed roadways, such as the Belt Parkway than any major large scale flooding. However, there is scattered flooding and travel is treacherous, plus we still have at least one more dangerous high tide coming before this is all over.