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Manhattan Beach Is Brooklyn’s Most Expensive Neighborhood!


Real estate website Property Shark released their list of the most expensive neighborhoods in New York, and Manhattan Beach ranked as the fourth highest sale prices for this quarter, and the only Brooklyn neighborhood on the list.

According to the site, “Median sale prices in Manhattan Beach have spiked at 143 percent over the previous quarter to an impressive $1,120,000, quite close to reaching a tie with #3 on the list, the Flatiron District ($1,175,000).”

Compared to the first place contender, Soho, Manhattan Beach’s prices are almost half of the average priced home.

Looks like Manhattan Beach prices are still far off from Manhattan, but it is the only Brooklyn neighborhood to make a mark.

What does that say for the rest of us shlubs? Well it says that we live next door to some insanely expensive houses and are totally rich by way of osmosis, or trespassing. Eh?

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  1. Looks like that real estate trick by developers worked by naming it Manhattan Beach to give the illusion it was close to Manhattan.

  2. The data is way off. What are they going off here price per square foot, or price for a one family residence? If for a one family residence it might made sense since the average one family residence in Manhattan Beach is a 1M+ mini-mention. However if we go by dollars per square foot than Park Slope, Williamsburgh and Brooklyn Heights are much more expansive. The same type of property that would cost 2 million on Manhattan Beach would go for around 10 million in Brooklyn heights.

  3. I don’t know about that. Manhattan Beach has some gorgeous houses on the 2 main streets, but not so nice on the side streets. I think Brooklyn Heights is much nicer than MB.

  4. It’s been Manhattqn Beach for as long as I can remember….at least 40 years….I don’t think they did that ruff that long ago. Wiki says at least 67 years with that name.

  5. The hotel by the same name was built in the 1890’s to imply it was a short trip from Manhattan. The real estate developers kept the same name when the earliest residences were constructed almost 100 years ago.

  6. Somewhere a hipster is going “Like Yah, too bad there is no subway that goes directly there so we can gentrify it.”

  7. They say location location location right? I like the fact that its far from the city unlike Brooklyn Hieghts and has its own beach. On top of that there are some beautiful houses. Expensive but for good reason. I like that im looking out of my window at that skyline than the chaos of sky scrapers.

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