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Manhattan Beach Bus Service Update


THE COMMUTE: According to the Manhattan Beach Community Group, the MTA has agreed to station a dispatcher at the bus terminal in Manhattan Beach on summer weekends that will have the ability to summon extra drivers from the depot in case of any change in weather.

That is exactly what I recommended last April.  They did not agree to operate shuttle buses to the subway, as suggested by the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association. I agreed with the MTA that that measure was not necessary. Now if they would only rewrite the B49 schedule so that deadheading buses are placed in revenue service, perhaps on busy days, non-beachgoers would be able to board the first bus that arrives.

Neither of the community groups have ever addressed that issue or the fact that some B1 riders frequently have to wait an hour or more for a bus on weekday afternoons when school is open, except on Fridays.  I have been requesting that situation be remedied for several years now.  The MTA has met with me on at least three occasions and has added several buses at my request.  They have also taken other measures such as allowing buses to leave Kingsborough Community College with enough space so that there is room for additional passengers. I have also noticed that bus drivers are now making announcements for passengers to move to the rear.  While some improvements have been made in this regard, the problem still exists.

I will be watching this summer to see how effective that bus dispatcher is.

The Commute is a weekly feature highlighting news and information about the city’s mass transit system and transportation infrastructure. It is written by Allan Rosen, a Manhattan Beach resident and former Director of MTA/NYC Transit Bus Planning (1981).

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  1. Thank you! As I mentioned before when returning home from Bay Ridge on the B1- both the driver and I commented on the three B1 busses that followed us- same route, same final destination-Normally I only have waiting problems on this end- . Thanks for your help in helping MB commuters. I think it is wonderful we live so close to the beach- but between not being able to park in our own neighborhood during the summer- and not being able to catch a reliable bus, it can be a pain in the heat of the day when one must get out of here dry!

  2. Mr. Rosen, as a participant of the meeting that took place between the MTA officials and CB 15, the MBNA had several suggestions for the MTA that day. As per a discussion with them last week… was agreed that the dispatcher idea would be offered first to better monitor the situation. There are other ideas that could enter into the equation should the findings of the dispatcher warrant such. I believe that it was the insistence of the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association which invited the MTA to discuss this issue based on last year’s Memorial Day weather related incident that led to a better handling of any future potential incidents.

  3. Ned, I hope the bus service really isn’t that bad. That same lady had been waiting for the bus now for about a month.

  4. I don’t know who is telling the truth, but would surely like to know.  I don’t know how much influence the MBNA had at the meeting since neither group or the CB invited me to attend. I was only reporting what I know and what I’ve read on the MBCG website.  This is what the MBCG said on their website: “The MBCG was the only group to speak up for our fellow Brooklynites who visit the public beach in our community that this was unacceptable.”

  5. The meeting I am referring to, took place on April 29th 2011 in the CB15 office. In attendance were: the MTA, CB15 and the MBNA. The MBCG was invited, but not able to attend. The concerns of Manhattan Beach are similar with both groups, perhaps the two group scenario works. Thanks for your efforts in reporting the transit concerns of MB.

  6. If you are refering to me , yes, in fact I STILL wait on busses- you know commutes are not a one day thing! Some days I manage to time things just right- the schedule is so outdated one never knows- and other days I have waited a very long time- and yet other days I drive, walk to the tube or just stay home! Thankfully I don’t have to work, but then again if I had to depend on PT to get back and forth daily, I would know to leave for work at least an hour early or forget the bus and walk to the train. My complaints are some of my neighbors are not able to walk the distance- yet are not feeble or imfirm enough to get the “short bus”!

  7. I have a feeling, but can’t be certain that the MBCG is referring to another meeting.

  8. The trick is to get to the bus early enough before traffic has a chance to screw anything up. I had to take the B1 at 5:30 on Sunday morning.  The schedule said the bus would come at 5:33 and it came at 5:33.  Also, it was early enough so the bus driver had not become grumpy yet, and was cheerful and friendly.  I then transfered for the subway.  I never had taken a train so early before and was surprised to see that all ten passengers in the car were all asleep.

  9. Oh my..5:30 I just hit rem.sleep. I have come.home
    Around four to.five am and you are so right..great drivers
    no one else on board…sometimes the driver will even drop
    you off in between stops! Will def. Keep this in mind
    if I have to be in the city in the am..just leave early
    And grab breakfast to avoid the school crowds and passing

  10. […] The Manhattan Beach Community Group and Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association both started paying attention to bus service in 2010 when a sudden spring thunderstorm left thousands stranded on the beach on Memorial Day, and after gunshots and a killing on Brighton Beach caused the police to direct beachgoers to Manhattan Beach, severely overloading it. Those groups’ main concerns were that the MTA get the visitors out of their neighborhood in the quickest manner possible. The MTA made assurances that they would address the situation. […]

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