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Man Struck By Car, Killed While Walking On Belt Parkway

Source: mikey k/Flickr

A pedestrian walking on the Belt Parkway died after being struck by a car early Sunday morning, according to authorities.

Police say the man was walking on the westbound side of the highway near the Bay Parkway exit just after midnight. A black Nissan Altima  struck the 53-year-old man. Emergency responders pronounced the victim dead at the scene.

The vehicle’s driver remained at the scene and has not been charged, and authorities closed all westbound lanes during the investigation.

The accident made for a gruesome scene for passersby. Reader Tanya N. sent us the following:

FYI there is a crazy accident on the belt right now we saw body parts laying around and half a body. they’re making cars on the belt make uturn in same lane. please find out details. I’m still shaking

Another reader, jzero, sent in a similar account:

There was a horrific accident on the belt pkwy last nite around bay pkwy west bound. I looked over to see what I believed to be  a dismembered body laying on the roadway. It was so horrible.

The victim’s identity has not yet been released.

Other news outlets reporting on the accident include the Daily News, DNAinfo and ABC News.

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  1. Certainly a tragedy, but anyone walking on the Belt Parkway at anytime, has to have some of their marbles loose, for one reason or another! Additionally, and not having anything to do with this incident, the way some of these yoekels have been driving of late, on our almost eighty year old seminal roadway, makes me wish I had a Panzer Tiger Tank, rather than my old little American made car, with the fact, that our authorities have not been enforcing the moving vehicular laws, and the attitude of some, that they are the only ones, driving our Belt!!!

  2. How do you know TA hs car didn’t break down and he was seeking help? Don’t jump to conclusions.

  3. Drugs are Baaad Mmmkay? i’m sure he thought he was walking on the yellow brick road to the magical kingdom of tits.

  4. Do you know how to type a sentence? Because it seems like you just like putting endless commas. By the way, you didn’t have to point out you had an American made car or claim any ownership to “your” Belt.

  5. Gosh, what u guys must have thought when we sent you some of those shitty Sherman tanks! The T-34 was the best tank all in all of the war. Of course those German Tigers were better, but were way too costly to build enough. T34s came off the assembly line in droves.
    I didn’t know they were still in use today, I do remember them making a guest appearance in the Vietnam war in the late 60’s, not a bad record for longevity in itself!


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