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Man Stabbed To Death On Brighton Beach Avenue

Photo of the crime scene this morning (Photo by Evelina G.)
Photo of the crime scene this morning (Photo by Evelina G.)

A man was stabbed to death early this morning on Brighton 4th Street and Brighton Beach Avenue, police say.

Authorities were called to the scene at 2:17 a.m., arriving to find an unidentified male, unconscious and unresponsive in the street. As they went to give help, they found a stab wound in his torso.

EMS arrived and brought him to Coney Island Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

After investigating, police took two men in custody at approximately 8:00 a.m. this morning, and charges are pending. The investigation is still ongoing.

As of 10:00 a.m. the street was still closed off as a crime scene. Eastbound Brighton Beach Avenue is currently closed off to vehicular traffic between Brighton 4th Street and Brighton 6th Street.

Photo by Evelina G.
Photo by Evelina G.
Photo by Mike G.
Photo by Mike G.
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  1. Its all part of De Blasio’s “zero vision” on crime and “don’t stop and god forbid don’t frisk cause its discrimination” programs.
    So far so good, just “a couple dozen stabbings” past months, nothing major.

  2. Do you not understand this is NEw york city and you can never stop all crime. Nyc today is still the safest big city in america n this neighborhood is still very safe

  3. Sorry but there is NO WAY NY is the safest city in America. LMAO Your so crazy to think that, do you read the monthly stats from 61st precinct?! I’ll save you the trouble….crime is up

  4. Sorry Boris, you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. NYC is the safest city in America, which does not mean it is 100% crime free. Compare and contrast to Chicago or other big cities and you will learn how to read and understand statistics rather than rely on anger or emotion. By the way, I’ll save you the trouble, you should move to another city and be “safer” Ha ha. Thanks.

  5. Bill Bratton said this week he is reviewing to see if there is a relationship between the ending of Stop and Frisk and the rise in Shootings here in NYC. Any one of your fine readers wish to make a guess on the result?

  6. Joy,
    Detroit and Chicago were once safe cities too until liberals took control. Now its bankrupt and full of violence.
    I love NYC, and don’t want it to be in the same category, but I’m afraid it may be getting there pretty soon.

    And crime rate has risen since De Blasio took office.
    How would you explain that? Just a coincidence?

  7. Yea, the liberal is here.
    That’s what they do – close their eyes and pretend everything is peaches.
    You have a b-job to do in in De Blasio office, he’s waiting for you, my friend

  8. lol, ya think? Gee, does that really need to be reviewed, investigated, waste time filing reports.

  9. Dear Ef En, really I do think it will be good if the nypd/bratton reviews, investigates and wastes time to find out that by ending stop question and frisk crime went up. The life it saves may be ours.

  10. I don’t think Chicago has been safe in decades. I don’t like Emanuel Rahm but Mayor Dailey Junior was not much better and just as crooked.
    Detroit never recovered from the 1967 riots and a series of thieving Mayors who made most working class citizens flee to the suburbs, then went to jail. BTW, today (friday) another state assemblywoman from uptown pleaded Guilty to a federal crime. We have a problem. Maybe Alex and Boris should run for office.

  11. Man is it easy to blame things arbitrarily. Your personal bias towards liberals makes you think every bad thing is a liberal persons doing. I can just as easily do the same thing for conservatives.

    Also blaming de blasio for rising crime rates is almost as absurd. I have no political leanings to either side but correlation is not causation, and I couldn’t stay silent.

  12. Maybe I should.

    I definitely wouldn’t be a communist like Obama and De Blasio are.
    I do not support redistribution of wealth.

  13. Only a fascist would call our president & mayor communists, the big lie of the right wing is to paint anyone on the left as commies. it’s alright that many of the super rich avoid paying taxes by hiding their money in Swiss banks, & many big corperations don’t pay any taxes at all .we can’t become a country of poor, working poor & Super rich.

  14. Ummm the city has noting to do with. Just google “Safest big city in America” and you will find countless articles ranking NYC in the top 3 of safest cities in America. If you dont believe it. Go move to Detroit, Chicago, Miami, St. Louis for a couple of months and then you’ll see what it is actually like to live in a dangerous city.

  15. Okay so go move to Chicago, Detroit, St;Louis or Miami for a couple of months and then you’ll will actually see what it is like to live in a dangerous city. Im not sure how old you are but if you have lived in NYC in the 70’s and 80’s like I have then you would realize that NYC today is like heaven compared to what it was like back then

  16. im not sure how old you are but if you have lived in NYC through the 70’s and 80’s like me, then you would realize that NYC today is a cakewalk compared to NYC back then.

    Go move to Detroit, Chicago, Miami, St.Louis, Cleveland, Flint, etc.. for a couple of months and then you will see what it is really like to live in a dangerous city

  17. Just wanna add if you google the following “NYC crime rising” you will find articles dating during Bloombergs reign…towards the end but nonetheless …

  18. crime rate has always been in proportion to economic factors…which includes the police dept budget..Not to mention the waste of resources spent on marijuana arrests which should be legalized

  19. Right, but the point is that it might be regressing back to those levels (very slowly, of course)… His point was that since DeBlasio took office, crime is higher than it was, say, last year and the year before during the same time periods.

  20. Only a fascist can possibly be as ignorant as you. Read up on what Communism is (and what Fascism is as well, for that matter). Lmfao.

    Or better yet, grab some chips & Budweiser and watch Jersey Shore or CNN. It might be a better use of your time than throwing words around that you don’t understand.

  21. Doobieman,
    I have nothing personal against our president or mayor.
    But their political views I do not support. So I do not really understand why you would call me a fascist.
    Redistribution of wealth is one of the core components of communism, and that is exactly what De Blasio is doing to our city.
    Am I wrong here?

  22. Rus you think I don’t about ism’s, ? I majored in political science, I don’t drink beer & I don’t watch Jersey, I don’ need you to tell me what I do or don’t understand.

  23. Fine. Then please tell me what in the world does (any kind of) criticism of political leaders have to do with Fascism? Fascism is radical nationalism, so wouldn’t that imply NOT being able (and not wanting to) criticize your leaders? Our leaders may or may not be Communist under different opinions (which we are all entitled to), but that is not relevant here; my point is, how does stating your opinion of a political leader make you “Fascist”?

    Also, using the word “commie” discredits you as politically-savvy (hence my comment), because only hillbillies with an IQ of 30 are the type to yell “burn all them goshdarn commeys!!!” (not to imply that your message said something like that, but come on – just using that word already discredits you and puts you into the pool of people who don’t really know much). What on Earth do economic models, such as Communism or Capitalism, have to do with the recent and sudden rise of crime levels under DiBlasio, is a puzzle to me…

  24. Alex it was your words about are president & mayor, that i replied to.They are not communists, Like many Americans the are on the left.So are many on the right, The gap between the rich & poor is growing, wages are stagnant for years,& The House of Rep. has passed no bills, closed the government down which cost billions And defunded The health care bill 50 times…

  25. But what is the government doing to facilitate that?

    There is NOTHING in this country preventing a poor person from getting up and achieving success to level up with the richer ones (and there are !countless! examples). There is also NOTHING preventing the rich ones from acting dumb and losing everything, and getting to the levels of the poor (and there are !countless! examples).

    But in general, the poor are poor and the rich are rich for a reason. And of course most of the rich are going to aspire to become even richer, and of course most of the poor are going to become even poorer. Unless either one of them PERSONALLY decides FOR THEMSELVES to do a 180 degree turn in their own lifestyles. That’s how the poor become rich (and rich become poor).

    What do you see wrong with that system? Isn’t it what Capitalism is? So, perhaps, the problem has nothing to do with the government? Perhaps the fact that the poor are getting poorer is a social problem?

    How else would it work? What would you have the GOVERNMENT do to prevent that cycle? Would you want the government to interfere and break that cycle, so wealth can be distributed more evenly among the classes? (Hint: that’s called Communism. No joke!)

  26. People, the world of politics is not black & white It is shades of grey, the left is not of one mind, neither is the right,Like the 7 billion people on this earth, the 2 billion Christians don’t think with one mind, the 2 billion Muslims don’t, the one billion Buddhists don’t, the one billion Hindus, don’t, the 25 million Jews certainly don’t , neither do the hundreds of millions of atheists, So stop all this bullshit, listen to your insane talk radio, smoke a joint & enjoy the short time your have on this crazy earth.

  27. I apologize then.
    My IQ is probably too low for this blog and discussion.

    Too many wise guys around lately.

  28. Doobieman,
    I think you should run for president. Or could be one of De Blasio’s “close” advisers.
    You got my vote.

  29. No thanks Alex ,I’m too happy to stay in my house watch TV, listen to good music & hang out with my friends. adios.

  30. Huh? My comment wasn’t a response to you. It was a response to doobieman’s comment.

    Either way, the term “IQ” was used in a figurative sense – implying general ability and desire to think.

  31. Shooting are down this year compared to last year when stop and frisk was still used. So your argument is invalid

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