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Update: Man Shot Inside Church Avenue Subway Station

church avenue and e 18th street shooting

A man was shot at inside the Church Avenue B/Q station just after 2pm, confirms the NY Post. The FDNY says a 911 call came in at 2:01pm, and the victim was transported to Kings County Hospital.

A neighbor says and the Post has confirmed that a 24-year-old man was shot in the torso on the mezzanine level of the subway station, and was in serious condition on his way to the hospital. A spokesperson for the 70th Precinct says police are still looking for the perpetrator, who was reportedly wearing a red jumpsuit.

For now, buses are being rerouted to avoid the crime scene, and all B and Q trains are bypassing Church Avenue.


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  1. was just out there. Shells are in the street so the shooting happened at least partially outside the station in broad daylight. CO Rodriguez was out there himself keeping the scene calm. Both of my kids and I all walk through those doors every day to work/school. This corner needs a camera.

  2. In between the daylight shootings and the armed robberies, perhaps the criminal element has clued in to the painfully slow response time of the 70th precinct. And people have been requesting police cameras for years at this point, to no avail. One wonders why the same people keep getting re-elected.

  3. Was in the station earlier. 2 Cops were calmly writing up some big guy and a bunch of cars were blowing down 18th with another cop directing traffic so more cruisers could get through. Yet 30-40 min later there’s a shooting right outside the entrance. Weird that it circled back like that.. 100% Agree, we need a camera on that corner.

  4. I just happened to be there at the wrong place, wrong time today. Missed it by two minutes or so. About 3 cop cars sped down 18th street, and a few cops were with the victim, as he held his shirt up showing the cops the gunshot wound to the stomach. When I got there, the scene wasn’t frantic, the victim seemed calm as an ambulance was on the way. As I rode what probably turned out to be the last Q train out of church ave, a transit officer wearing a bulletproof vest got on my car at Parkside or Prospect Park, and rode it to Atlantic, looking for someone.

  5. I tried to get into the city but could not as the station and full street was sectioned off…REALLY? On MLK Day people can not for once stop shooting! Cops all over people looking confused …That’s a busy station. We are lucky the cops didn’t just randomly shoot while in pursuit of the assailant. ugh.

  6. If I were going to shoot someone, I certainly would be dumb enough to wear a red jumpsuit. Thje TA police are responsible for patrolling inside the station.

  7. You think police shouldn’t patrol in the MTA? Uh….were here HERE in the 1970s? The last thing we need is a public transit system the criminals know the cops won’t go, so they’re free to do whatever they want. More patrols please, not less.

  8. These kids don’t think. That’s the problem.. most of this crap has to do with teenagers having zero regard for anyone but themselves.

  9. I think what is most disturbing about this is that someone actually thinks its okay to open fire in a crowded subway station in the middle of the afternoon. What does that say about the level of policing in that area? The Church Avenue subway station is, according to the MTA, the 11th busiest station in the city, and yet that corner has witnessed three shootings in less that three months. If I were a cop and this were my precinct, I’d be embarrassed. The vast majority of the people in this neighborhood are good hardworking, law-abiding citizens and they don’t need to live in fear from what essentially amounts to armed psychopaths (Who else would do such an insane thing as what happened yesterday?). It’s the job of the NYPD to protect its citizens from just such people and when it comes to East 18th and Church they are failing.

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