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Man Buried By Snow Plow On Coney Island Avenue Considers Lawsuit Against City

Pedro with JM Legend co-owner Steve Sasson.
Pedro with JM Legend co-owner Steve Sasson.
The man captured on surveillance video being knocked over by a snow tsunami, courtesy of a speeding Sanitation Department snow plow, on Coney Island Avenue is now mulling a lawsuit against the city.

The incident took place on February 5, when a man calling himself only “Pedro” was walking home shortly after 5 a.m. A snow plow speeding down Coney Island Avenue threw up a wall of snow and ice, striking Pedro and knocking him off his feet. It also did $2,200 worth of damage to the storefront of nearby JM Legend Auto, who captured the entire incident on surveillance video and uploaded it to YouTube, where it went viral.

Pedro got in touch with JM Legend Auto after his sister saw the video of hims on the news, and he agreed to be interviewed on video by the store’s co-owner Steven Sasson, which was uploaded to YouTube.

“I remember when I was walking here, and I felt something, and then I just remembered when I tried to stand up. The thing, I don’t remember,” he said. Pedro never saw the snow coming at him, since he was looking at his feet.

He did say he hurt his head, and he still feels pain in his eyes. He said he was upset and considering a lawsuit, because speeding plows that throw snow and slush onto the sidewalk is “not safe.”

As for JM Legend’s damage, they forwarded the bill for repairs to the Sanitation Department, reports the Daily News.

Here’s the video of the incident:

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  1. They were still at it yesterday, February 13. A trio of snow plows going south on Ocean Avenue between Ave. S & Ave. T shortly after 11 a.m. were going very fast. The one closest to the sidewalk was throwing a wave of dirty slush over parked cars and clean sidewalks. Did not see if there were any pedestrians.

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