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Photo: Maksim Gelman, Suspect In Stabbing Aleksandr Kuznetsov

Maksim Gelman, suspect in stabbing of Aleksandr Kuznetsov
Maksim Gelman

The NYPD released the above photo of Maksim Gelman, the 23-year-old suspected of stabbing his 54-year-old stepfather, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, earlier this morning.

Police have also confirmed that Maksim Gelman made his getaway in a gray 2004 Lexus ES330 with the New York license plate DHE8322.

It is believed to have been a domestic dispute, and Aleksandr Kuznetsov was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I guess he had to be a little bonkers at the time. He must’ve just caught him by surprise,” Anthony Riggio, a super at the Waterview Village condos on East 27th Street and Emmons Avenue, where Kuznetsov, Gelman and his mother had been living for 9 years, told the New York Post. “It’s a sad thing. Never in a million years,” Riggio said.

The New York Post is also reporting that Gelman has a police record – and since the above photo looks like a mugshot, it sounds about right.

If you have any information, you can call (800) 577-TIPS (8477), text “TIP577″ (plus your message) to “CRIMES” (274637), or submit tips online.

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  1. Not a good day in Sheepshead Bay. Fire, murder, dead birds. Can we lighten up a bit? After all, it seems to be warming up, a bit.

  2. hes fuckin crazii and sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they find him nd give him life in prision

  3. psychos like him should not get a life sentence, that’s very loyal… they should put a hot iron in his butt and torture him so that he dies from pain… Sick bastard





  5. I don’t understand how this couldve happened. HE came back in the same exact car hours later to kill the poor girl? Where the hell was the police then

  6. relax people u donno y he did what he did maybe he has a good enough reason to …and u are no body to judge and tell him he deserves this or that …

  7. @candy he was high and you defend him you idiot. Body has a good reason to kill others. Unless they were killers.

  8. @ candy are you kidding me? There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON somebody takes another person’s life let alone 4! Maybe your the one who needs some counseling! how does that even come out of your mouth you sick idiot! His fate will be rotting in jail while he is the bitch of a big black man who will rape him on a regular! GOOD LIFE! Ugh if he hated the world he should have just took his own life instead of innocent by standards!

  9. After all his killing spree the great country’s democratic system is gonna conduct a thorough investigation, give this blockhead a public defender, who’s gonna start looking for all sorts of excuses for this dolt at the expense of us, loyal tax payers, including all the victims’ relatives and friends… Isn’t that “wonderful”?!

  10. Yes. That’s wonderful. This guy’s guilt may be obvious to you and me, but it’s that process that also keeps us safe from erroneous prosecution, which happens more often than you’d think. There are a lot of things I don’t like my taxes going to; a thorough and cautious judicial system is one I’m happy to fund.

  11. i know the kid and the girl he killed f***ing sick basterd i hope he gets rapedd everyy day of his life for the rest of his life/….the real storyy goes ;like this ……
    his girl broke up with himm / or cheated on him one of the 2 …he went to his stepdad to get the car keys and the stepdad said no ovbiously the kid grabbed a knife and stabbed him took the car went to his girls house after she had broke up with him he got to her house stabbed her and then he stabbed her mom .. he left the house got in his car and ran over an old lady …then he got out of the car robbed an old man on ocean ave and afterr he stabbed him also leaving him in critical condition …….and drove 2 the city and i heard he stabbed anothher guy in the cityy alsoo what a piece of shit i swear he sold coke in sheepsheadbay and was on alot of drugs he was actually under the influance of angel dust when all this had happend .. i heard that he is just going to pleed insanity and get his sentence reduced to about 10 years …. soo everyone should just go and do that and get away with murderr.. i hopee they neverr let him out cuz thats not normall i know for a fact that when i see him i will breakk his facee cuz i used to screw his girl when everr he used to leave her housee and no matter what she did he has no right taking anyone life away like that the girl was a sweetheart

  12. you are sick bastard yourself. How can you call the girl a sweetheart and then a minute later lie, that u were screwing her? She was in relationship with another guy and they were always together. U screw your balls, jerk. And “story” you created is 100 % opposite of what really happened. You should be jailed too, for lying in that horrific for the family moment.

  13. There is a MAIN question to the Police:
    WHY DID Brooklyn POLICE PRECINCT 061 allow this man to walk around in the same area killing people for 28 hours?!
    Did the police sleep for ALL THESE hours?!
    Why did they not pay attention to him in the past, when he was arrested about 10 times?
    Maybe there is bribery in 061 Precinct.?!…
    If the man did not start to make a crazy noise finally, they never catched him!

  14. if you think 61 had “bribery” to keep this man on the street, you need mental help

    And the dumbest comment of the week, goes to ( drum rollllllll)


  15. the above link acutally related the maksim case? I click…but its an article on kim karsash

    …please advise? Ned, thoughts?

    I ask bc I am awaiting new info on the case…thanks much.

  16. This man should be sent to compulsory treatment before all these horrible events! He was arrested 10 times for drugs!
    Is it not a proof that something wrong with 061 Police Precinct?!
    Why did they cover him BEFORE?

  17. 10 days before his homicides he was catched with 31 bags of narcotics in his car! Why was he released?!?!!?!? He was a famous drug dealer in this area.
    which facts of police bribery do you need else?!?!?!

  18. 10 days before his homicides he was catched with 31 bags of narcotics in his car! Why was he released?!?!!?!? He was a famous drug dealer in this area.
    which facts of police bribery do you need else?!

  19. I doubt the investigation is a done deal. If drug use/sales were involved a lot of people are shaking in their boots. The area has been kinda quiet lately.

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