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Maisel Seeking Fidler’s City Council Seat

Assemblyman Alan Maisel (center) via

Assemblyman Alan Maisel is looking to scoop up Lew Fidler’s soon-to-be vacated City Council seat. Maisel recently filed papers that would put him in the running for the recently redrawn 46th Council District, which includes Sheepshead Bay.

While early speculation pointed to lawyer Frank Seddio possibly taking the seat, his recent ascension to Kings County Democratic boss took him out of the running. Maisel, a friend of Seddio, is a longstanding member of the influential Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club, which Seddio also leads.

Maisel’s legislative activity, connection to the community, and affiliation with the Jefferson Club gives him a leg up on the competition, which includes Democrat Mercedes Narcisse, a former president of the Avenue L Merchants Association.

Who will replace Maisel? It’s way too soon to say, but we can’t help but note that Lew Fidler will be looking for a job…

UPDATE (2/5/2012): In the comments below, Councilman Fidler squashed our musings that he may replace Maisel by pointing out that he does not live in Maisel’s district, and so cannot run for his seat.

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  1. That’s a broad statement. What evidence do you have to back it up–or is that just your personal opinion?

  2. He was a Vice Principle/Dean at Shellbank when I was a student there. There is a specific incident that I call to mind that he handled poorly, that quite possibly had a last affect on my life. Every-time since then that I’ve run into him, most recently at Sheepshead Bites’ yearly food tasting, he’s exuded this sarcastic sneer. Despite the fact that I was a voting constituent the guy couldn’t look me in the eye and speak with me with any sort of respect. Plus his handshake was limper then wet noodle.

    If my opinion of him wasn’t already colored by my experiences as an adolescent then it wasn’t improved any by my repeated encounters with him as an adult.

  3. It’s simple.
    First of all, the pay is greater in City Council. (By $30,000 more each year, I believe)
    Second, who wants to schlep to Albany every other week when you can take a train to Manhattan.
    The only downside are the term limits.

  4. Let’s nip this one in the bud right now. I do not reside in Alan Maisel’s Assembly District and am therefore not eligible to run for the seat.
    Lew from Brooklyn.

  5. All politicians are going to put their best face forward when they’re out and about trying to attract voters. You can’t exactly trust that face can you?

  6. I had a math teacher in College once who on the first day began by saying, “And today we will be studying…”. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t teaching English.

  7. Actually, starting a sentence with a conjunction is acceptable, and can be used to bring attention to that sentence. Most people use it in an ineffective manner, but the example given seems acceptable. Furthermore, flexibility increases in informal situations, and more so in conversation.

  8. Thanks. Just noted that at the end of the article. You know, I’d know where you live and we could avoid these problems in the future if you just invited me over to dinner from time to time…


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