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Lunatic Walks Into Starbucks On 86th Street With Pole, Smashes Laptop To Bits

The destroyed laptop.
The destroyed laptop.

A pipe-wielding lunatic, who appeared to be in his 50s, smashed a random man’s laptop at Starbucks on 86th Street (1971 86th Street) today before fleeing on foot.

I happened to be at said Starbucks at 4:40pm, when suddenly a loud crash rang out and confused voices from the back of the store screamed, “Get him!” Stunned customers tried to chase the kook down the street, but no one was willing to get too close, as he was still carrying the five-foot-long pole. The pipe wielder quickly disappeared around the corner of 20th Avenue.

I had vaguely noticed a man pointing into the front window of the coffee shop earlier, but when he entered a few moments later – like most customers – I was too absorbed by my laptop to notice he was holding the long metal pole in his hand.

The victim, who asked not to be named, told me he had seen the man pointing at him, “I was like, what the fuck? Who are you?”

Minutes later, the crazy man smashed his victim’s laptop to bits.

A barista told us the man was a regular and has a history of behaving erratically.

“I knew that guy was nuts,” she said. “He’s in here all day and all night. I saw him walk in with a stick, and I said, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ I saw him looking through the window. I knew he was going to go in and hurt somebody.”

A manager walked around the store asking people if they were alright. Parents hugged their children. Police were called. Then, after several minutes of confusion and chatter over what had transpired, customers turned back to their laptops and it was as if nothing had happened at all.

Peaceful Starbucks minutes after the violent incident.
Peaceful Starbucks minutes after the violent incident.
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  1. What if he started hitting people with that pole? Think of the injuries he could have inflicted. Also, remember Sydney Australia

  2. I was there today at Starbucks when this happened. I have a video, guy is out of it and walked out like nothing happened. Anybody could’ve stopped him but no one did, which I’m my opinion is the smart move. You don’t know what that man was capable of, other than smashing laptops out of the blue. Its nuts how something like that can happen and then the next moment not matter, but hey that’s NewYork.

  3. Glad the nobody was hurt! This is “our” Starbucks with a great group of hard working employees.

  4. My 16-year-old son stops in that Starbucks with his friends on the way home from school most days. He and they are very definitely people, and certainly not “hipsters”. I may not care much for the way “hipster” newcomers have damaged the fabric of Brooklyn life, but show a little compassion for your neighbors. We should be better than the dismissive “hipsters”.

  5. Compassion is the absolute dead-last thing that any parentally-funded transplant from Wisconsin would ever have for the natives, of which they consider beneath them. Get real!

  6. As I said, we need to be better than they are. I read a quote once that I took to heart: “Honor comes only of sticking to my own vows and dignity after lesser foemen have abandoned their own.” Once you sink to your enemy’s level, you never climb back up again.

  7. you people are nuts. You don’t know what hipsters are. Hipsters don’t live in this area. these are middle class Brooklynites. You people need to get some hobbies and stop hating people. How do you know if someone is a native Brooklynite or not? So judgemental.

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