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Love Letter to Root Hill Cafe



Root Hill Cafe, where do I begin? With your steel-cut oat muffin?

Yes. That is exactly where I will begin.

It’s where I begin whenever I stop by, ever since one of your lovely baristas suggested it at my first visit. And oh boy. That muffin is some serious business. A little crisp on the outside, moist on the inside, and so dense that it is what I imagine JRR Tolkien was conjuring when he invented lembas bread (to the non-nerds: magical power food of the elves). I’d pace myself if it weren’t so delicious.

Steel-cut oat muffin not pictured; instead, the equally delicious ginger raspberry

Or how about how your soundtrack is just so on point, every single time?

How did you know that last week I wanted to listen to Ginuwine (notebook jotting, 2/15: “R.H.C. = smooth jam central”) but that, on today’s rainy day, M.Ward was the way to go? Is musical instinct something you seek out in potential employees, or is it just a coincidence? Know what’s not a coincidence? The fact that I’ve been listening to the Motownphilly Pandora station since my last visit, and that I’ve been that much happier for it.

Then of course there’s the fact that your friendly employees either genuinely don’t mind when I’m here long enough to have breakfast and lunch, or that they are nice enough to pretend they don’t mind.

Speaking of lunch: the hummus avocado sandwich? A thousand times yes.


So, on behalf the Stoop, thank you, Root Hill Cafe. Thank you for everything.

Root Hill Cafe is located at 262 Carroll Street (at 4th Avenue), open from 7:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Trust me on the muffin.

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