LOOK Is Almost GONE From 9th Street


LOOK Crosswalk Marking on 9th St/7th Ave

Remember when the Department of Transportation rolled out their LOOK! campaign, which included adding markings with little eyes in the Os of the word ‘look’ in busy crosswalks around the city? That was just a few months ago, but the one on the northwest corner of the 7th Ave/9th St intersection is halfway gone already.

Whether these markings, which are supposed to remind pedestrians to look before crossing the street, do anything to help reduce pedestrian injuries and deaths remains to be seen. But it will sure be a little harder to calculate the markings’ effectiveness if they’re erased from the street so quickly.

What we can confirm is that the LOOK markings don’t do much of anything to alert drivers that pedestrians are using the crosswalk. I recently crossed this intersection, and myself and another pedestrian who had the light nearly got mowed down by a car trying to make the turn onto 9th. Where are the signs about that?

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  1. The irony is that the LOOK! markings are placed at exactly the spot where the sidewalks should be extended to in order to prevent drivers from whipping around the corners so fast.

  2. In this case, there’s a bus stop there–can they do a bump out on a corner before a bus stop? Clearly something needs to be done at these intersections, though, more than a silly marking.

  3. Probably not right there if there’s a bus that needs to travel the space, but you are right that something more needs to be done, especially along 9th St!

  4. Neck-downs or bulb-outs extend the sidewalk and force drivers to take turns at more of a right angle, slowing them down. (Think of the difference between a highway off-ramp and the hard right angle someone takes into a driveway.) They can’t be put everywhere, but they are effective. They also make pedestrians more visible to drivers and shorten the crossing distance for people on foot.

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