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Long-Lived Coney Island Avenue Laundromat Closed For Good

Source: Google Maps

Reader Carly G. informs us that Lincoln Garden Cleaners at 2816 Coney Island Avenue is now closed. The business has been there for a long time – easily 25 years, since I certainly can’t remember it ever not being there.

Anyone know when Lincoln Garden Cleaners opened?

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  1. Oh no! A reliable bedrock institution of the neighborhood. Two very nice people and always willing to work my on disheveled corduroy blazer unlike the other places too paranoid about it, at risk for being blamed for a button falling off. But this is trust between owner and long time patron so there’s that.

    As the grandson of a tailor & seamstress, I can say: a community ALWAYS needs an old fashioned tailor shop. They did that kind of work too. It’s not the craft it used to be and to lose a place that did it is more devastating than the dry cleaning part of it.

    If the spot becomes cell phone store, I’ll shake my fist at it every time I come down the 68.

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