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Locals Show Support For Israel During Brighton Boardwalk Demonstration

Source: Davidzon Radio
Source: Davidzon Radio

The following is a press release from Davidzon Radio:

Residents of southern Brooklyn demonstrated their solidarity with Israel, Sunday evening, at a rally on the Reigelman Boardwalk that stretched from Brighton 5th Street to almost Ocean Parkway. The gathering was sponsored by Ben Akselrod and Davidzon Radio, which arranged for Sofa Landver, a member of Israel’s Knesset and Minister of Repatriation and Integration, Aleksander Valdman the deputy mayor of Ashdod and Larisa Gershtein, the former vice mayor of Jerusalem to address the crowd live from Israel providing the latest information on events in the Holy Land.

Included among the speakers were Assemblyman William Colton and Councilman Mark Treyger who were instrumental in organizing the rally, and Congressman Michael Grimm, Assemblyman Dov Hikind and District Leader Marcus Nussbaum.

The audience, which numbered in the thousands, was moved as Israel Defense Forces veterans and Israeli citizens read the names and ages of fallen Israeli soldiers. This was followed by a moment of silence.

“This rally not only provided southern Brooklyn residents of all faiths with the opportunity to come together to express their emotions on a situation that is very close to their hearts, but it enabled them to show our brethren in Israel, and the rest of the world, that southern Brooklyn is supporting them during this time of crisis,” Akselrod stated.

Assemblyman Colton highlighted the importance of the rally stating, “We’re here to speak up for freedom because when freedom is threatened in one part of the world, it is threatened in every part of the world. We’re here to support Israel because people everywhere must speak up for and support freedom and democracy in Israel and throughout the world. We can never remain silent because that would be the real threat to freedom everywhere.”

“Am Yisrael Chai” (Israel lives) was chanted by the crowd between speakers as many waved homemade signs supporting Israel and Israeli flags.

“I stand with Israel because I believe in freedom, democracy, and security. It is imperative that the free world, which vows to protect these precious values, stands with Israel during its fight for security and peace. After all, Israel is the only country in that troubled region that reflects and practices the beliefs of the free world. If Hamas spent as much time building towards peace as they do building weapons tunnels underneath schools and hospitals, we’d see a very different outcome today. Until then, Israel is within her right to protect, secure, and preserve its people and nation,” said City Council Member Mark Treyger.

“Russian speaking Americans are an important segment of New York City’s Jewish community. So many of Davidzon Radio’s listeners have voiced concern over what is happening in the Middle East that I felt an obligation to provide them, and the entire southern Brooklyn community, with an opportunity to show solidarity with Israel,” Gregory Davidzon, president of Davidzon Radio, explained.

Assemblyman Hikind told the gathering of his recent trip to Israel and shared his personal experiences in Israel as he heard the air raid sirens go off. When he called on President Obama to “wake up,” it motivated the crowd to spontaneously chant several rounds of “Obama wake up.”

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  1. I am Pro-Israel however this demostration only serves as a photo-op for the politicians. I wonder how many of the people who demonstrated on the boardwalk went to shul to prayer for Israel & the IDF on Saturday or at any other time for the few weeks. I know I went. That’s the proper place to express your support for Israel & not on the boardwalk.
    And as far as Mr. Davidson is concerned he seems to me to be the ” Russian Al Sharpton.”. Every politican in South Brookyn has to kiss his ring !

  2. I think Mexico should shoot a few missiles at Hollywood. Since most in Hollywood don’t believe this warrants any kind of defensive reaction, they would just have to sit there and take it.

  3. Where you there? Probably not. Otherwise, you would not ask about young people. Because it was plenty. Need photos? Look for it. There are plenty on Facebook, CBS, Channel 12. I am sick and tired of critics, sitting home, doing nothing and criticizing each and every action. I was there and I am proud of my community that came together in support of Israel. Many of us went to shul to pray, many din’t but we did what we wanted to do. I do not know why politicians came, I did not ask. I know why I went and many of my friends. So, relax and look for pictures

  4. Yeah I noticed that too. Everyone in the photo appears to be 50+. That’s because it’s the older generation that supports Israel. The same generation that grew up in the Soviet Union having the word Jew stamped on their passport under ‘Nationality’

    But this new generation has seen through the lies of Zionism and (hopefully) won’t give in.

  5. I went, and would highly recommend everyone to go. It is not about Israel, it is about you and I. You and others ignoring the fact that Hamas, ISIS and other terrorist organizations are a treat to all of us. I spoke at the rally and do you know what I said? Let me inform you: I said that thousands of Christians are being killed. Thousands of Muslims are being killed. Hamas uses civilians as human shield. This is reality! And until all of us Jews and Christians, Muslims and Hindu stay together, we won’t win this war against terrorists!. This what I said. And I am proud of it.

  6. It’s not about Israel and yet you’re proud of your community that came together in support of Israel?

  7. I 24 born and raised in New York. I was at that rally and saw plenty of young people there. I can assure you that maaaaany young people are very interested and further more, they are informed and intelligent enough to rally against a terrorist organization. I suggest you read more on the subject before making grand assumptions.

  8. My community came together in support of Israel and AGAINST terrorism. This is what I am proud of! If you were there you would understand what I am talking about.

  9. So which one is it? Rally for Israel or rally against a terrorist organization? Based on the above pic, I think it’s a rally for Israel.

    I really doubt that even 5% of the people there are informed about Israel or the roots of modern day terrorism.

    No assumptions on this end.

  10. You can pray as many times as you want. Great. How many Jews prayed back in 1930s and 1940s. Did it help? No. They prayed, they screamed but world was silent then and world is silent now.

  11. What if I told you that an unintended consequence of the creation of the state of Israel was the rise of terrorist groups?

    If you haven’t lived in Israel you have no idea what you’re supporting. That’s a fact.

  12. Maybe you should learn to speak the english language you vile Russian. I sincerely hope that these people stop using the fact that they are Jewish in vain. Shame on them! The comparison between Sharpton’ s action network and this group is a good one. You do not see any religous Jews from Midwood, Borough Park or Williamsburg at these meetings. Russians care more about Israel is baloney. They care about playing the victim card to score themselves clout with the new administration. The fact that we vote against de Blasio and Cymbrowitz does not matter since our ancestors were victims of the holocaust. Are there any Dutch in the house? These Russians are no gooders, just like their president, Vladimir Putin.

  13. Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Quada, Taliban, Islamic Jihad,The Brotherhood, Bocol Haram, El Sabob, how many more death’s?, how many more terrorist groups?

  14. Medications? looks like you forgot to take them today. My President as well as yours Is Obama, who you probably voted for. I still have time to learn English, but you have no time to learn manners.

  15. “I don’t think there is an implicit obligation for the
    United States to follow like a stupid mule whatever the Israelis do. If
    they decide to start a war, simply on the assumption that we’ll
    automatically be drawn into it, I think it is the obligation of
    friendship to say, ‘you’re not going to be making national decisions for
    us.’ I think that the United States has the right to have its own
    national security policy.”

    – Zbigniew Bzrezinski, former U.S. National Security Advisor

  16. Maybe you should walk the streets of Coney Island at 3 ‘Oclock in the morning and see what happens? It is medication and maybe someone should clean your nasty mouth out with soap. You are a moron plain and simple.

  17. What about a group of people, who hail from the country that helped down MH17? Did anyone at the rally ask these folks, as to what their thoughts were on the downing of the Malaysian airliner.


  19. Great Rally and thanks for those who organized. While there were a lot of older people (a lot of younger once went to the one in Manhattan last week), there were still some younger people and families with kids. I also saw non-russians. Too many pro-terrorist rallies are going on lately so people should come together and rally against them. Although the Rally was obviously Pro-Israel since Israel is under attack at this very moment, it wasn’t about Israel for me. It was about the fight against terrorism. Israel is first. If it falls, next will be Europe and US. But it will be too late. Funny how fast people forget. Even though they were saying “never forget” when 9/11 happened.
    P.S. Those who would rather pray, good luck praying :))))

  20. Gee, I know of over six hundred thousand American Jews, including three of my Uncles, who didn’t spend their time praying back in those days, but took up arms along with their fellow countrymen, to defeat the Nazi and Japanese menace! A fact often forgotten, but dearly remembered by some of us, landsmensheif!!!

  21. I would like to meet you and bring my terrorism to your face….I am not even surprise by all the anti-semis here….history shows us that majority people like yourself were anti-semis before jews gain its independences and after…

  22. I am going to organize a pro-Palestine rally there, they need support as well! Politicians need to stop brainwashing people.

  23. LOL THREAT TO US!?!?!?!?!? Yeah, launch that bottle rocket over to america…. wow. you are brainwashed too!

  24. Where were the Muslims and Hindus that someone else mentioned? Many are your neighbors in Brighton Beach. No one bothered to invite them because nobody cared. Almost everyone there was older Soviets, their kids and grandkids and the politicians who love them. It’s too bad this wasn’t called a rally for peace and the whole neighborhood invited. At least it would have brought people together.

  25. Very good point. Although I have to wonder how many people in the Brighton Beach Muslim community would have went to a pro Israel rally if invited. But maybe they where there, can anyone confirm?

  26. “Israel is first. If it falls, next will be Europe and US.”

    ..some interesting geo-political analysis. Can you elaborate on that statement?

  27. davidson was sending robo calls to all the russians in the hood. that guys a fucking riot. should he get fined for that?

  28. It’s very simple. Jews pray in shul. Prayer may not be helpful to you. You are entitled to your opinion but don’t negate my right to pray.

  29. Why do you feel the need to disparage people “50+” as the older generation? Some day you, God willing, you’ll be there yourself. I’m willing to bet you’ll change your thinking.

  30. Showing support for 2000 Dead Palestinian babies and the War criminals who made it happen – Heave a Happy Holocaust.

  31. No greater terrorist organization than Israel and its international cabal. The sooner ISIS liberates occupied Palestine and returns the occupied land to its rightful heirs, the sooner the world will live in peace.

    Let every NY Jew who “supports” the murder of Palestinian children go to this terror state so that Allah can exact revenge all at once.

  32. I meant it in the sense that it’s the generation that is more in support of certain ideals because they grew up in a different time and place. Didn’t mean to disparage anyone.

    Just like more people 50+ in this country tend to be against gay marriage than younger people who grew up here in the 90’s, for example.

  33. Why don’t you put a rag on your head & join ISIS , one big bomb will take care of those Islamic scumbags baa baa baa or go live in Somalia or Syria or Iraq or Palestine & sit on top of a rocket, & scream god is great as you blow up

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