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Local Subway Stops Almost Complete


Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo sent us this note about the Q train stations at Avenue U and Gravesend Neck Road:

Good word from the MTA, on Monday January 18th,2010 the southbound stations of Avenue U and Neck Road will be opened at 5am and at the same the northbound stations will be closed. This work will be completed by Fall 2010. The B service will be restored in Fall 2011.

After delays and destruction at those stations, this certainly is good news.

Just so we’re clear about this, beginning next Monday you will not be able to catch a Manhattan-bound train at Gravesend Neck Road or Avenue U, though the Brighton-bound side will be reopened. In order to go to Manhattan from those stations you will need to take a Brighton-bound train to Sheepshead Bay Road and transfer to the other side of the tracks.

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  1. Every day, every way the MTA finds ways of wasting our time. There is no serious and enforceable oversight on these projects.

    The worst thing about the way the MTA has set this up is the scheduling of trains. How many times have any of you gone past Kings Highway heading towards Sheepshead Bay station and seen a train going in the opposite direction in that time period? How many times have any of you arrived at Sheepshead Bay Station only to see a Q train pulling out on the opposite side? They make certain our time is wasted with no accountability for their actions, inaction or misinformation.
    It reminds me of something I saw at Neck Road station at least 15 years ago and nothing has changed. One day I saw a work crew string up lighting fixtures on the Coney Island bound side of the station. The question is as follows. How many MTA employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb? This is exactly what I saw that day:
    1 to get the lightbulbs
    1 to get the ladder
    1 to climb the ladder
    1 to get the coffee
    1 to drink the coffee
    1 to look at the trains going by
    and 1 to supervise the project.

    It takes a minimum of 7 MTA Employees to screw in a light bulb.

  2. It is my understanding that the B3K will be shifting its run to the morning rush-hour.
    The new sign schedules have been up at the bus stops since last week.

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