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Local Scammers Bilk Holocaust Survivor Fund

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We at Sheepshead Bites are always screaming about the need for more diversity in our local markets, but we didn’t expect it from our black markets.

It looks like local scammers have switched up from their usual rings of medicare, daycare, political, medicare and medicare fraud, and have started pillaging one of the most vulnerable segments of society – by stealing from Holocaust survivor funds.

The FBI and Justice Department have brought charges against a ring of 17 thieves for allegedly stealing about $40 million in stipends, reparations and payouts for survivors of the Nazi Holocaust.

According to reports, insiders responsible for verifying applications to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims were given kickbacks to approve fraudulent paperwork submitted by Russian immigrants.

The Conference is responsible for doling out funds on behalf of the German government to survivors. One of the ringleaders, Semen Domnitser, signed off on more than 4,000 applications in question.

NBC reports:

A home along Brighton West 12th Street [sic] in Brooklyn was a center where fake overseas documents were allegedly produced, officials said.

Investigators said the alleged scam has been running since 1994. When some suspects learned the FBI was investigating, they allegedly offered bribes to witnesses in an attempt to keep them from cooperating.

The FBI said 4,957 bogus claims resulted in $18 million being wrongly taken out of one of the reparation funds. The Claims Conference lost another $24.5 million as a result of 658 other fraud cases, officials said.

Domnitser was the official responsible for overseeing case files and making sure they were in order. His approval was needed before any funds could be released for payment to alleged victims, officials said.

Other caseworkers charged include Valentina Staroseletsky, Polina Berenson, Polina Breyter and Liliya Ukrainsky.

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  1. a woman i know from Ukraine (non-Jewish) was told by her lawyer (a russian) that if she filed that she was a Russian Jew – she’d get citizenship right away. 12 years later lana still not legal (as she didn’t lie about her faith). just furter proof that the brighton community is full of crap! They will say they were buddhists if they were able to get something for free!!

  2. I’m so fucking upset with these assholes it’s not even funny. I know bunch of people like that, they pretend to be driven “business” people, instead they prey on others and all they want is money, money, money. They could kill for money. As soon as they see money … they dont care if they by “accident” roll over you. Does not matter if you are white, black, jew, christian, young, old.. does not matter! they will roll over you to get to the money. Scary motherfucking people. Now I know where people who roll around in range rovers in the middle of the day and in the middle of the week get their money from. Fuckers!

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