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Local Precincts Accept the 22 Push-Up Challenge For Veteran Suicide

Screenshot from video posted to Twitter/NYPD 60th Precinct.
Screenshot from video posted to Twitter/NYPD 60th Precinct.

Cops from the 60th Precinct, which covers Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Gravesend, took to the Coney Island boardwalk to record a video of them doing the 22 push-up challenge to raise awareness for veteran suicide.

The challenge’s goal is to highlight the shocking statistic that 22 veterans across the country take their own lives every day. Respect and care for veterans has been at the forefront of current event topics lately, due in part to NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem before games.

Kaepernick has been sitting during the anthem specifically because of police treatment of black people, but it has stirred controversy, causing people to say he is disrespectful to the troops and veterans. This argument reopened a dialogue of exactly how veterans are cared for in the US.

The group of over 30 police officers formed a “60” as they did 22 push ups underneath the parachute jump, but before they did, Deputy Inspector William Taylor, the commanding officer of the 60th Precinct, challenged another local precinct to follow in their footsteps.

“I forward this challenge to Captain [Winston] Faison in the 6-1 [Precinct],” Taylor said. “He looks like he’s in good shape. We’ll see if he can do 22 push-ups, but I have my doubts.”

Faison not only accepted the challenge, but took his officers to the same spot that the cops from the 60th Precinct did their push ups.

“Not only do I gladly accept the challenge, I brought my whole precinct to you command,” said Faison in his 22 push-up challenge video while standing in front of an NYPD van. “We’re taking over the 6-0 precinct boardwalk.”

Faison then walked around the van to reveal the parachute jump, and the myriad of police ready to do the workout challenge. Faison nominated the 62nd Precinct in the tweet in which the video was posted.


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