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Local Photographer Captures Out-Of-This World Photo Of Supermoon



C’mon, it was either “out of this world” or “stellar.” Maybe “cosmic”? Whatever spacey word choice you prefer, it’s awesome.

Local photographer Jeff Newman captured this photo of last night’s supermoon, assisted by Kim Patrick Clow, who submitted it to us. Supermoons occur when the moon, while full, swings closest to Earth in its orbit, and Sunday’s was the brightest and closest to earth in 20 years. While it’s set to happen again on September 9, yesterday’s was the biggest and brightest it will appear for another two decades.

To get the photo, Newman set up his tripod and camera on the small, triangular greenspace on East 13th Street and Avenue Z. They pointed the camera east, towards the moon’s rise.

For the photo wonks out there, this was shot using a Nikon D810 at 300 mm, ISO 100, shutter speed of 1/125 and an aperature at f/5.6.

Did anybody else get some snazzy shots of the supermoon? Send them over to

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  1. It was beautiful. Went to watch the moon at Floyd Bennett Field. It was the darkest place me and my husband could think of to really appreciate it. You don’t realize that in a dark setting when looking up, just how many satellites you can see with the naked eye floating around along with the constellations. It really was beautiful.

  2. How ’bout that! I was walking by the triangle yesterday and saw two guys taking photos from a tripod; nice to see it end up here. Beautiful shot.

  3. A new picture of the Supermoon? The moon hasn’t changed
    since 1969 when the first U.S. astronauts landed on it. Of course before that
    there were no McDonalds, Starbucks and cell phone stores there. You can see
    them if you compare the old photos with the new photos.

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