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List Of Open Supermarkets


Many readers have been asking about open businesses, especially restaurants, supermarkets and pharmacies. Later today we’ll publish a post about the area’s small businesses hit by the storm, but for now we’re asking for your help compiling a list of open supermarket and grocery stores.

Please put in the comments any supermarkets and grocery stores you know of that are open. Please do not post anything else in the comments here, or it will be deleted.

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  1. Key Food on Gerritsen and U is open. Right now everything is in stock….even ice.
    Waldbaims on Ocean and Flatbush are both closed. Duane Reade on Voorhies and Ocean is closed. Pet Co on Y will be opening today…..soon.
    BP gas on Mill Ave has a line 4 blocks long and even with police directing people are getting nasty. Word of advice…..don’t try to jump the line, one man was having his life threatened for it.

  2. Petco is open. The hot dog guy is at his post. First day back after 6 days off. Go get a hot-dog and support your local vendor.

  3. Walgreens on W and coney is open, if you can get past the line of people waiting for gas at the BP station on crawford.

  4. They are called “Dirty Water Dogs” to you sir.
    “Some” people like them. I heard he has some great knishes, I never tried ’em.

  5. Net Cost on E 16 Street had a tractor deliver yesterday. They have everything too, and at less of an expense.

  6. FEMA’s in Coney Island, National Guard is at 5th and Surf ave. Have they distributed to Sheepshead Bay yet?

  7. At 1:30 there were only maintenance people cleaning out the store. Through the windows it looked like all the food racks were dismantled so the store could be cleaned. There were cars parked in the lot but they weren’t shoppers.

  8. I’d be careful with NetCost. Their other location got flooded and from what I understand it won’t be open for a while. So I am assuming that the truck delivery was from the flooded store. They were pretty sneaky about changing their expired labels before… so be careful:)

  9. Yup … Just got home from shopping at Silver Star, Care Pharmacy, one of the dollar stores, and Rite Aid. Looks like business as usual on Nostrand Ave.

  10. Thank you so much for posting this information!! I evacuated and wasn’t sure if things were up and running yet.

  11. Be carefull buying packaged food,in boxes or cans.If it is damp or has water stains,it can be contaminated.Some stores may try and sell it.

  12. Almost all stores on nostrand ave north of ave z are open like nothing happened!
    Rite aid, dunking, dollar store, pizza, 2 russian grocery stores etc.

  13. Applebees is open even had valet parking 🙂

    china max, thai place next to it and pera lounge are either open or very close to opening.

    Mitoushi sushi and dunkin are open. coffee spot might also be open.

  14. I highly doubt it. A tractor passes down Avenue W a couple times a week. I notice because I wish they would change their route once in awhile. But thanks for the heads up. I plan to watch EverythinG I buy for the next week or 2.

  15. gourmet plaza
    1663 east 13 street
    between kings highway & ave p
    fully stocked russian supermarket
    6-7 trucks unloading fresh products yesterday
    btw their homemade food is yummie

  16. Eve pharmacy on coney island ave is open. They helped me get my medication on Thursday that I desperately needed. I am forever grateful 🙂 also saw a bunch of food stores open on Brighton but I wouldn’t buy food from there for a little while. Brighton beauty supply gave me 20% off everything I bought today too.

  17. Waldbaums on Ocean Ave is open. I went on Sat afternoon. They had limited produce, no meat and only half the lights were on. Bay Fruit on Ave Z is open and is fully stocked like nothing happened.

  18. I think the kyfood in beach haven is open, am still evavuated from neighborhood but that is what I heard

  19. that CVS store will NOT be open until maybe January. they have been pumping out a lot of water lately. i asked the guys working to clean the damage there if i can just see a peek of the inside and the entire inside is COMPLETELY DESTROYED. The CVS on Kings Highway and Nostrand Avenue is open. Their phone # is 718-677-3871. The B44 Local and Limited buses, along with the B7 and B82 buses stop right on the corner so it is very convenient.

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