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Teen Charged With Threatening To Blow Up Lincoln H.S.

Abraham Lincoln High School. Source: Google Maps

He’s lucky he doesn’t live in Zimbabwe.

An Abraham Lincoln High School student was hauled away from his home in handcuffs on Thursday after leveling a “terrorist” threat — via Facebook — to blow up his school, 2800 Ocean Parkway between West Street and Shore Parkway.

According to The New York Daily News, counter terrorism investigators found “no evidence” that the 15-year-old — whose name is being held on account of his being a minor — was in possession of bomb-making materials, nor was the school evacuated or searched. The young man was allegedly warned by a friend that “making such comments [on Facebook] would get him into trouble.” He also threatened to bring a gun to the school, last week. As of Friday, the threatening post had been deleted from Facebook.

The teen — who, in his Facebook profile photo, was described by The News as “flashing his chubby middle finger and wearing a red T-shirt that reads: ‘I see dumb people’” — was charged as a juvenile and his case will be referred to Family Court.

Department of Education spokesperson Margie Feinberg said that the agency is cooperating with the police department.

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  1. Anyone stupid enough to make threats about blowing up a school or bringing a gun to school probably isn’t smart enough to build a bomb. I’m half imagining this schmuck unknowingly recreating this scene in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan:

  2.  Is that how kids try to get out of class because of a test they didn’t study for?

    Little Runts.

  3. cannot blame him. i honestly had similar feelings, though not as harsh or threatening as this kid, when i was a student there eight years ago. it was so horrible!

  4. 1- How did you express your similar feelings from back then, if at all?

    2- How did you overcome them?

    3- What caused you to have such feelings?

    4- If you “cannot blame him,” who can you blame? I don’t mean it to be funny, I really want to know — if he should not be blamed for posting on his Facebook page that he wanted to blow up Lincoln High School, who should get blamed? While he is the responsibility of his parents/guardian (whomever is charged with the task of providing for him), there is only so much a teenager will allow their parents into their lives. Sometimes there are things beyond their control.

  5. This is nothing new. Some students always had these feelings when they get angry or upset. There is a big difference between saying something and doing it.
    He might not be a threat at all, but in our post 9-11 state and after Columbine and similar tragedies, we are super sensitive.

    When I was a little kid, I can’t count the times I got angry at my parents and told them I was going to kill them.  The difference today is instead of saying these thoughts to their parents or friends, kids now post these statements on Facebook which is just stupid.  That’s why it is so ironic that he was wearing a t-shirt saying “I see dumb people.”

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