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Lights Out For Thousands, From Sheepshead To Flatbush


At approximately 9:15 p.m. tonight, thousands who were lucky enough to enjoy continuous electricity after Hurricane Sandy had the privilege snatched away as Con Edison cut power from Sheepshead Bay to Flatbush.

The affected area seems to be between East 16th Street to Knapp Street (and, further north, Nostrand Avenue), and from Emmons Avenue – which was already without power – to as far north as Foster Avenue.

That put Sheepshead Bay, Homecrest, Midwood, and a chunk of Flatbush.

According to super reader Ariela Baranov via our Facebook page:

Update for the most recent blackout: ConEd on the radio saying there was a transistor overload, so they took down the Sheepshead Bay network which affects many surrounding neighborhoods and about 160k customers. That makes about 815k customers in the dark now. They took it down to make sure there would not be a further cascade, and hope to have that particular network up within the next 4 hours or so. Let’s hope that’s an accurate estimate.

She said this info came by way of a public radio announcement by a Con Ed rep on CBS 88 AM.

UPDATE (12:04 p.m.): We’re hearing power is back online for many affected by this. Those who lost power during the storm, though – well, on to day two.

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  1. It’s back on!!! BTW anybody else has no service with Verizon wireless? Seems that our family in Gravesend has no problem with their cells, but both of ours have no service since Sandy hit

  2. The power came back at 12:00 in the projects. The savages in the projects were shooting off guns near Batchelder & X at around 10:30.

  3. on 15th and v. Haven’t had power since 7pm sat. Can’t get info from con ed and the areas with planned shutdowns form a perimeter around my block but never include it. Can’t tell if it’s from downed wires or just some service black hole coned forgot about. I know the feet on the ground are doing everything they can but their automated system angers me beyond reason when it tells me that they’ll call my landline with updates while my phones have no power, our cells are dead, and I’m the tech saviest person in the house and I’m fighting and now recovering from a 103+ fever. I know plenty have it worse off but I’d just be happy with some acknowledgement of our power issue not necessarily a restoration of service or an estimate since for over 48 hours the ticket is pending and “will be investigated.”

  4. Ned, as an ex-pat of Manhattan Beach (though not too far away now) I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart — and I know I speak for other former residents (some still with family right there) — for providing the news on the area we’re not finding anywhere else. Thanks too for those who live there adding information with their posts.

  5. Yes, Ariela is super! It took about an hour and then I had this brain storm……I have a battery operated radio!…..Stay in school kids it keeps the mind sharp.
    Thanks Bites for keeping us in-the-know.

  6. The power going out was intentional by Con Ed last night, according to the police that stopped in front of my house. Apparently Con Ed had to shut the power grid down in order to make repairs & restore power to others that were without. That being said, Con Ed could’ve done that in the afternoon, yesterday, while most people were busy outside most of the day cleaning up from Sandy. Con Ed also could’ve made an announcement all day about the planned power outage. Especially since originally the power was supposed to be out until some time today.

  7. I’m not in NYC, but I can tell you that no one has cell service in sheepshead bay. I can’t call my family when they’re down there checking on the house. They said they only get service once they pass avenue U or so. That may be different now if more neighborhoods have had the power cut.

  8. Can anyone please give an updated status of the power outages/telephone lines in Manhattan Beach as of this morning, Wed. Oct. 31? Thanks very much from afar.

  9. My bf is in the NYPD in the 61 and i cant get holdof him since 1pm Oct. 30. I’m calling and can’t get hold of him via cell phone. I called the precinct too and no one picks up. Does anyone know if the precinct was affected by a power outage or a phone outage?

  10. The Sunoco and Shell stations On Knapp Street were closed this morning. What is the gas situation? Are the tanks mixed with water?

  11. I thought I heard gunshots also last night(I live on east 29th and avenue y) just received a call from con ed about 10 minutes ago informing me the problem in sheepshead is fully fixed. our power was only out for about 3 hrs last night. and I also heard from engadget that 25% of cell towers in affected areas.

  12. Where did you think I was being sarcastic? I know Ariela. She is super in many ways. Screw you and your assumptions. Do you see anything in quotes? Who’s the moron now?

  13. PS. I don’t do sarcasm, ask anyone that knows me. I am more of a straight up in your face. I am printing this….just in case you want to eat the words with condiments. Still not being sarcastic.

  14. I have a friend in Brightwater Towers and they’re still without power or water, so I’d assume Trump and Luna are in similar conditions until reported otherwise.

  15. Verizon is down for many, but AT&T and T-Mobile seem to be working, with occasionally spotty service at peak hours and during the intentional blackout last night.

  16. Gonna be a while in manhattan beach. Water needs to be pumped out, and then con Edison can check if they can turn it on.

  17. Is that a good thing or a bad thing. And how are you? I Just got back from Coney Island. I didn’t know the pier was damaged. Do you have new pics? So many new business are a mess.

  18. you have a brain? I could have sworn otherwise by reading your mind numbing comments on every article on this site

  19. My lights came on at the stroke of Midnight, and yes, I heard the shots fired from the P.J.s as well.

  20. You have choices ya’ know. You can go screw your closest relative (I’m sure that will not be a first) or just ignore my comments. Now stop getting under my nails….

  21. You are a laughing Jackass and now I am done with you and your childish shit. Couldn’t read my statement and what it meant from the beginning. Go back to grammar school, learn punctuation, learn to read. Ba-bye.

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