Last Chance To Share Traffic Safety Concerns On Vision Zero Map


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There are just a few weeks left to submit street safety feedback on the Department of Transportation‘s interactive Vision Zero map. A little more than 7,500 comments have been made through the map so far, and city officials are urging people to add their feedback – particularly for intersection-specific concerns — by Thursday, July 31.

The input, officials have stressed, will help lawmakers and other city leaders to shape safety projects and initiatives.

From a statement by the DOT:

Input is vital, especially from those familiar with local traffic conditions and people’s behavior. The comments will be used to shape robust borough-specific traffic safety plans that will guide future work as part of Mayor de Blasio’s goal to eliminate traffic fatalities.

So far in our area, there are numerous issues noted on the map — incidents reported on 4th Avenue, for instance, include speeding and failure to yield, plus cyclists running red lights there and on 5th Ave, while 9th Street from 4th Avenue to Prospect Park West is a sea of double parking reports.

The site will continue to be made available for viewing purposes online following the July 31 deadline, but visitors will no longer be able to add comments.

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