Western Brooklyn

La Fogata Restaurant Coming Soon To 86th Street



Signs are up at 1912 86th Street, announcing the impending arrival of La Fogata Restaurant.

It’s too soon to say when it will open or even what kind of restaurant it is, but judging from the plethora of other “La Fogata” restaurants one can find on Google, it’ll be selling Latin dishes.

That’s not too much of a difference from its predecessor at the location, Las Americas, a Mexican-American bar and restaurant. The posters in the window are still from Las Americas, so it’s probably a few months off until it reopens. Las Americas closed earlier this year.

Welcome to the neighborhood, La Fogata, and best of luck!

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  1. “Latin Dishes” is too broad. That can cover so many countries. Maybe “Mexican Dishes” or “Central American Cuisine” will be better because I am part Puerto Rican and we don’t eat the same food like Mexican or Central American at all and we classify as “Latin.”