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Know Your Neighbors: Map Reveals Which Presidential Candidates Have Most Support

Source: Rent Hop
Source: Rent Hop

Curious about which presidential candidates your neighbors back? There’s a map for that.

Data collected by Renthop, the apartment-hunting website, identifies and maps which neighborhoods campaign donations for the 2016 presidential election are coming from.

To come up with the figures, Renthop analyzed campaign contributions from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and grouped the data by area code throughout the Metropolitan area. The study also counts donations of $200 or more because those are the only ones collected by the FEC.

The analysis found New York donors overwhelmingly favored Hillary Clinton. With a total haul of more than $12 million, her New York war chest dwarfs second place finisher Marco Rubio’s $1.3 million in donations. It probably helped that Clinton drew most of her support from glitzy Manhattan neighborhoods.

As for the GOP frontrunner from Queens? Donald Trump is faring the poorest in the Big Apple, with only a handful of supporters, who are mostly scattered in the outer boroughs. As we zoom in more locally, zip code 11204 (the northern edge of Bensonhurst and parts of Borough Park) generated just one lonely Trump supporter, who donated a whopping $2650.97. Trump’s running mate Ted Cruz, meanwhile, accrued four unique donors in zip 11204, though his backers offered more modest sums totaling $732.

The rest of Bensonhurst and Bath Beach (zip 11214) overwhelmingly back Clinton, according to the figures, but the neighborhood also boasts a handful of Bernie Sanders supporters.

Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights also boast a sole Trumper each, but those individuals donated fairly modest sums to the Republican candidate’s campaign. Cruz is also uniquely popular in Bay Ridge and Gravesend, according to the map.

So do the numbers reflect how the candidates will perform at the voting box? I suppose we’ll have to wait for the New York primary on April 19.

Play around with the Renthop’s interactive map for yourself and explore the political leanings of some of your neighbors.

[Additional reporting by Alex Ellefson]

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  1. I am surprised by this, because based on many of the people’s anti-immigrant attitudes here, I assumed that more would actually be Donald Trump supporters.

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