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Police Arrest Suspect In Local “Knockout” Attacks

Avenue L and East 5th Street, where the woman was attacked. (Source: Google Maps)
Avenue L and East 5th Street, where the woman was attacked. (Source: Google Maps)

Back in November we reported that a 78-year-old Midwood woman was punched in the head on Avenue L and East 5th Street by a  teenager playing a “knockout” game. The police have arrested a suspect in connection with this and six other assaults in Brooklyn.

According to police reports in a CBS story, the 78-year-old Midwood woman was the first victim. Barry Baldwin is accused of attacking Jewish woman and the attack in Midwood occurred around the time of eight other attacks in Crown Heights. It is unclear which of these other attacks he is being charged with. Out of the seven assaults Baldwin is being charged for, six of them carry hate crime charges since the victims were Jewish women.

Here is more from our post back in November,

While the “game” has surfaced as a possible national trend, it’s taken an ugly racial aspect in Brooklyn. This victim’s case comes on the heels of eight similar attacks in Crown Heights. None of the victims were robbed as part of the attack.

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating, as all the victims are Orthodox Jewish.

On the same day the incident became public, Public Advocate-elect Letitia James, Councilman David Greenfield, and Councilman-elect Chaim Deutsch came forward offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the eight previous attacks.

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  1. Other attacks go unreported and unfortunately attackers are impossible to catch or identify. Not only because the attack is unreported/ It is actually impossible to report – they hit and go.

  2. Please stop calling these attacks a “game.” They are felonious assaults, and, if a victim were to pull out a knife or pair of scissors and puncture the assailant’s aorta, he or she would likely be hailed as a hero or heroine by the media and the community.

    But, yes, these perps are hard to catch, and, because the assaults are relatively infrequent, an undercover decoy program, and even heightened civilian patrols, will do little to deter or curtail the attacks. Let’s hope that the DA’s Office has a good case against this suspect, can get felony convictions without plea bargaining, and makes an example of this guy with consecutive sentences that rob him of what’s left of his misguided youth. Oh, and let’s see some Federal intervention as well, like what happened in Texas recently when a white guy sucker punched a black guy and tweeted about it, providing the evidence for a Federal civil rights case that is now pending against him.

  3. There was a report on TV yesterday and it was no longer referred to as a “game” but an attack. I think Ned used the word “game” because he was quoting from an earlier article.

  4. You mean like the way media is treating the suspects that killed a slumlord It is amazing me how the Hassidic community is referring to the victim as a nice guy when he has tens of thousands in fines against him for treating tenants inhumanely

  5. There’s a world of difference between an orchestrated hit on a bad actor and a random attack on an innocent and often elderly victim based solely on sheer bigotry. The only similarity between the two incidents is that both victims were observant Jews, although the victims in Midwood no doubt belonged to a different sect than the slumlord from Williamsburg.

  6. It’s not Ned’s fault. The news media continue to use “game” as if it’s a forensic term of art, and perhaps the people committing these crimes are doing so on a dare from their peers, perhaps as some kind of rite of passage. The danger here is that the word “game” trivializes the severity of the assaults, and tends to mitigate “hate” as an element of the mens rea, and, thus, should be meticulously avoided unless specifically related to a discussion of possible motives.

  7. There should be more reporting nationally on the potential fatality that can result from being knocked in the head. Maybe someone has to die first and some stupid kid needs to be charged with murder. The case of Natasha Richardson who died after a minor fall should be discussed as well as prize fighters injuries.

  8. Out of 7, only 6 are called hate crimes? Why not charge the 7th as a hate crime against whites? Very stupid.

    And BTW, I would bet that the fact that the prosecutor stipulates that one is not a hate crime will nullify the others. Any good attorney will claim that the fact that he also hit a run-of-the-mill white person proves he’s an equal opportunity offender.

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