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Kings Bay Y To Open Emmons Avenue Annex In September

The flagship location at 3495 Nostrand Ave. Source: Google Maps

The Kings Bay YM YWHA, has announced its expansion to a new location at 2801 Emmons Avenue, between East 28th and East 29th Streets.

The brand new 6,000 sq ft space with an additional 2,000 sq ft private backyard and playground will house some of Kings Bay Y’s senior programs, as well as some children’s programs.

“We were simply running out of room in our main building on Nostrand Avenue,” said Leonard Petlakh, Executive Director of the Kings Bay Y. “The additional space will allow the Y to offer its services to more people in the community.”

Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein has been instrumental in securing capital funding for the Y to help open this new location in Sheepshead Bay, Kings Bay Y reps said.

The Kings Bay Y of Emmons Avenue is scheduled to open sometime in September.

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  1. How wonderful for the local pedophiles. I understand the pimp who supplied Blutrich with “his boys” is still active with the Y while he takes the betting action from the cops at the local precinct.

    Talk about happy endings.

  2. I don’t suppose that whoever planned this move thought about how this will impact the parking difficulties we now endure?   If so, what is the plan?

  3. Every friday afternoon, I drive through this block.  There are always double parked buses and double parked cars.  It’s always so crowded.  I honestly don’t even see that many kids to actually fill up the place.

    Sheepshead Bay H.S. is way more crowded then this place.  Do they REALLY need to expand more?

  4. As if it doesn’t get crowded enough on Emmons Avenue in the daytime… Oh well, at least I can walk over to Roll ‘N’ Roaster waiting for the traffic to move…

  5. Do the tennants of 2801 Emmons Avenue have any idea of what they are in for?  I am worried about the noise generating from the first floor up through the building, traffic and parking problems….and I don’t live there!

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