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KFC Demolished! New TD Bank To Open On Avenue U

TD Bank Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn
Contractors demolished what remained of KFC at 2940 Avenue U
Plot diagram for the new TD Bank (Click to enlarge)

Ever since Kentucky Fried Chicken closed down in April, neighbors have been abuzz about what might move in to its 2940 Avenue U digs. Would it be a Starbucks? A bookstore? Perhaps, as the boys at Brennan & Carr fear, a McDonalds?

Nope, nope and nope. It’ll be a TD Bank.

The last remnants of KFC were removed yesterday as the entire structure was demolished to make way for the bank.

According to Department of Buildings filings, the newest outpost of TD Bank will have a one-story building taking up just under 3,000 square feet of the property. It’s really just a small chunk compared to the lot’s 10,260 total square feet, which will be occupied by a 13-car parking lot.

A representative for the property confirmed that “America’s Most Convenient Bank” would take the space, noting that the lease was signed about a year ago – long before the KFC shuttered. He said he was not sure when construction would be completed or the bank would be open for business.

Is TD Bank going to be a good neighbor? What businesses would you like to see in that area?

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  1. There is no place to buy iced coffee in that area. I always thought that sucked. There’s a very nice little grocery-/superette-type place on U around Batchelder, and they sell Starbuck’s frappawhateverinos, but it would be so nice if I didn’t have to schlep three avenues over to McDonald’s to get a real iced coffee around there.

  2. Say, hypothetically, you worked in the area and you wanted to run out and get a quick iced coffee, like I used to be able to do with the Munchinette, Coffee Spot, Dunkin Donuts,, Bagel Boy, the Bagel Store, etc, all within a three block vicinity on Sheepshead Bay Road. Avenue U and Bedford, otoh, is five blocks away — then five blocks back. Half a mile. Feh.

  3. We need a variety of restaurants.  How about a good mexican restaurant?  Thai?  Indian?   A good salad bar?

    Within 1 block of that corner we have Valley National Bank and Roosevelt. 

    We need another bank like we need another nail saloon or another pizza place.

  4. I was just going to say “Its about time that Avenue U gets a TD Bank” and then I remembered the one on East 16th Street. An Ihop would be great, but it wouldn’t even fit there!

  5. I was just going to say “Its about time that Avenue U gets a TD Bank” and then I remembered the one on East 16th Street. An Ihop would be great, but it wouldn’t even fit there!

  6. I keep hoping they’ll open an IHOP at the closed Chinar restaurant.  (Wasn’t that a Jahn’s ice cream parlor?)  It would be perfect there.

  7. i used to like that place for Pizza Hut. First they came for the Pizza Hut, then the KFC. Then there was nobody to stick up for fast food… Man, i liked that place, I’d walk there on cold nights,bring my book, have some pizza (used to have KFC till my stomach rebelled). There’s nowhere to eat around there now.

  8. Speaking of iced coffee – most places don’t know how to make it. Some places pour hot coffee over ice and hand you a watered down luke warm coffee. One of these places even had a sign in the window advertising it. After I refuse the swill I give them the recipe and leave. 

    Yes, I know McD’s, 7-11, fivebucks, etc don’t do that.

    Any thoughts…?

  9. Here’s hoping Regis and Kelly will be there to open the branch. TD doesn’t serve iced coffee but you can certainly look forward to lollipops and possibly dog biscuits. Stop by and have fun at the penny arcade. Fun!

  10. While TD Bank seems to be a good neighbor wherever they open a branch, we certainly didn’t need another bank in the area.  A new Five Guys restaurant would have been a perfect fit for the neighborhood.

  11. Just so long as it’s not a Crap-Ital One!!

    TD is better than most.
    Yet it would be better for one restaurant to replace another. I’d dearly love to see a Popeye’s in the neighborhood.

  12. yes!!! another bank, Brooklyn is so boring now…. No more bars, hardly any diners, nothing but Banks, banks, banks and Wald Greens. remember when Kings Highway was fun? Remember movie houses? Remember bars on Flatbush? Diners? Bowling alleys, pool halls? Nothing left but banks, riteaide and Waldgreens…. can’t wait to leave and never come back, it’s sterile

  13. Please, share which Russian places you’ve attempted to visit and been “excluded” from? I’m not Russian, but I visit a lot of the new businesses in the area, regardless of ethnicity of the owner. And I’ve *almost* never felt unwelcome. More often, I find members of the old guard refusing to enter these establishments because “it’s just another Russian place,” and then tell people it’s because Russians aren’t welcoming.

    Ever gone into a normal, working/middle-class Russian household? Even if they don’t like you, they’ll insist you stay for dinner and a drink. That’s how unwelcoming they are.

  14. 2 more great suggestions.  We haven’t had a bookstore in SB for years.  I think the last one was on SBR, between Voorhies and Jerome. 

    As for Boston Market, I would vote yes to that too.  Popeye’s was another great suggestion.

  15. A Russian place would never fit there – all those places (Baku Palace, Rasputin, the one on McDonald Avenue, OPM) are huge.  TD is already into the process, so we don’t have to worry about this.

  16. I’m not 100% positive about this, but I was told that TD is Toronto Dominion Bank.  Can anyone back this up?  Does anyone want to?

  17. Me too, actually.  I use an app called “Chase”.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with any bank, though…

  18. I don’t recall it over at that location, there was one in Bay Ridge years ago, I do remember another large restaurant at Ocean & Shore Parkway, it didn’t last long it was some kind of steak place if I’m not mistaken. too bad there is no Popeyes around here anymore they had great food, better then KFC

  19. Although I’d prefer a new start up mom and pop at least or atleast a local chain, a
    Cheeburger Cheeburger would be great there- as far as chain burger places go it’s probably the best one around.

  20. i’m staying till the bitter end, i’m fighting you Russkies. I’ll fight it out on this line if it takes all summer (Ulysees S. Grant, Spotsylvania). My centre is giving way, my right is in retreat; situation excellent. I am attacking (either Ferdinand Foch or Groucho Marx, or both). I’ll be there when you change Sheepshead Bay to St. Petersburg Bay (me).

      Actually, my grandparents were Russian, so I’m not sure I have to be part of the mass exodus!

  21. How disappointing! What businesses would I like to see? How about a supermarket? a bookstore? Or an ice-cream place like the old Jahn’s (off of Gerritsen Ave.) or a roller-skating rink? It would be nice to have some kind of variety on Avenue U.

  22. It was originally the Hamilton House, then it was Cookies, then it was Beefsteak Charlies, then it was/is a medical building.

  23. Really?  I just had it the other day for lunch and it was delicious.  I cannot eat spicy food.  Did you eat the Cajun rice? That has chopped up jalapeno’s in it.

  24. really?…another bank…pretty soon there wont be any places to spend the money you withdraw…except to deposit it back into another bank down the street lol

  25. since old fashioned candy stores no longer exist, the next best thing is a 7-11 or if you know New Jersey, a WaWa convenience.  A major transportation hub like Nostrand Avenue and Avenue U does not need a third bank, but maybe a place to buy a newspaper, pack o’ gum or a cuppa coffee?  No wonder our Manhattan cousins think of brooklynites as Rubes.

  26. There’s a convenience store on Batchelder and U right across the street from the proposed TD lot, where the motorcycle store used to be. It’s called GRA Convenient, and they’ve got candy and newspapers and all that stuff. I think it’s Indian or Pakistani owned (unless I’m totally off the mark). Really nice people.

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